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Educational attainment gap between looked-after school leavers and others remains huge, Riddell told TESS (30 June 2017)

Following a release of government figures showing a steep rise in the achievements of vulnerable children, Emma Seith from Times Educational Supplement Scotland interviewed Prof Sheila Riddell on her view.

On welcoming the imporovement in the attainment of looked-after school leavers, Professor Riddell added that a large educational attainment gap between them and others remains and other messages in the paper must also be attended to. She also warned that, despite a high percentage of care leavers in a 'positive destination' after school, the measure of the success used by the statistics can be 'fairly loose' as school leavers on zero-hour contracts could also be included.

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Times Educational Supplement Scotland (by Emma Seith, 30.06.2017) - Don't gloss over the gap for pupils in care, SNP told

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