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TESS's interview with Riddell on attainment gap (16.12.2016)

Following the release of Pisa's figures which indicated that the setting in Scottish secondary schools was more likley to group pupils by ability compared with other OECD memeber nations, Professor Sheila Riddell was interviewed by Times Educational Supplement Scotland (16.12.2016) on her view.

Professor Riddell emphasised that while the setting was fine for upper attainers, it had a "very detrimental effect" on groups from poorer backgrounds.


The article can be viewed via the following link:

Times Educational Supplement Scotland (by Emma Seith, 16.12.2016) - Setting 'puts Scotland's poor at a disadvantage'


In response, the Scottish Children's Services Coalisation has written a letter to the editor of TESS to express support for Riddell's view.


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