Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

Volunteers sought for a Youth Panel to inform research on training and learning opportunities for young adults – invitation to express interest (3rd Aug 2017)

We are researchers at the University of Edinburgh who are working with other researchers from Europe and Australia on a project called ENLIVEN ‘Encouraging Lifelong Learning for a Vibrant and Inclusive Europe’. The project is aiming to increase our understanding of how young adults (16-24) can be supported through education and training to better find their way in the workplace and society as a whole. More information on the project can be found at our website: https://h2020enliven.org/

We wish to bring together around 6-10 people aged 16-24 for a youth panel. Their role will be to constructively discuss and inform the research we are undertaking in the project – to act as a ‘reality check’ for the work we are undertaking. The broad topics to be discussed will include:

  • Education and training as a way to include every young person in society
  • How we can improve access to young peoples’ participation in learning activities in the years after they have left school and what some of the barriers are to participation

We would undertake two annual meetings with the panel members (in autumn 2017, and a further meeting in 2018), and they will also be welcome to attend national seminars and events organised by the research team. 

We will be using the research findings to make policy recommendations to the Scottish Government and other organisations in Scotland, and to make them more aware of the real issues that young people face when trying to engage in learning and training and get into employment. 

Travel and food expenses will be paid, and meetings are likely to be held at the University of Edinburgh.

If you think that a young person engaged with your organisation, or a young person involved in running your organisation, might be interested in joining the panel, we would be grateful if you could reply to express your interest by 18 August to Susan.Whittaker@ed.ac.uk . This will not be taken as a commitment by your organisation or any young person, but we would then contact you to follow up.

Many thanks for your time.

University of Edinburgh ENLIVEN team