Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

Media coverage on CREID's report "Access in Scotland" (27.5.2016 - 10.6.2016)

The front page of The Times and of The Scotsman, along with many other newspapers and magazines, highlighted the findings of our latest report "Access to Scotland", an interview with Lucy Hunter Blackburn and comments of Sheila Riddell.

The report "Access in Scotland", which was published on the 30th May 2016, is commissioned by The Sutton Trust.  Media coverage relating to this report can be accessed via the links below:

7 July 2016

Research Professional (by Rachel Hall) - How Scotland intends to close its attainment gap

16 June 2016

Wonkhe.com (an op-ed by Lucy Hunter Blackburn) - Scottish and English records on access should be compared

10 June 2016

The Prospect (by Ruth Davidson) - The SNP is failing Scotland's poorest students

3 June 2016

Times Educational Supplement Scotland (TESS, by Julia Belgutay) - More funding needed to widen access to higher education

2 June 2016

Times Higher Education Supplement - Benefits of free university tuition in Scotland "not evident"

31 May 2016

Education Journal - Access to higher education in Scotland for people from less advantaged backgrounds: the major role of further education colleges

30 May 2016

The Herald Scotland (Opinion, by David Torrance) - Barriers to university a hard lesson for the SNP to learn

Edinburgh Evening News - Platform

29 May 2016

Sunday Express (Scotland, by Catriona Webster) - Tories ready to back Nats over changes to education

The Sunday Times (Scotland, by John Boothman) - Middle-class to miss out in new schools cash formula

28 May 2016

i (Your view) - Free university no miracle cure

Scottish Daily Mail (by Gareth Rose) - 'Hypocrite' MSP facing fresh row

27 May 2016

BBC News - Scots students face 'shocking' university access gap

BBC News - Scotland lags behind on poorer students

STV - Disadvantaged Scots face 'shocking access gap' at universities

The Scotsman (Front page, by Chris Marshall) - Rich are four times more likely to go to university than the poor

The Scotsman - Action urged to close 'shocking' university access gap

The Scotsman (Leader comment) - Leaders: Scotland’s education problems will test Swinney

The Times (Front page, by Lindsay McIntosh) - ‘Shocking’ class divide in access to universities is worst in the UK

The Times (Comment, by Lindsay Paterson) - Great system? Surely some myth take

The Times (by Nicola Woolcock) - Good school nearby adds £200,000 to house price

The Times - Poor education

The Daily Telegraph (by Simion Johnson) - Poor Scots 'squeezed out of university by SNP cap on places' (SNP policy keeping the poor out of universities)

The Herald Scotland (by Andrew Denholm) - Poorest pupils face "shocking" barriers to university

The Herald (by Daniel Sanderson) - MSP faces ridicule by rivals for education comment

The Herald - Universities must improve on access (Time for real action on university access)

The Courier (by Kieran Andrews) - Scotland worst in UK for poorest children going straight to university, says report (Scotland 'lagging behind rest of UK on uni access')

The National (by Kirsteen Paterson) - Report reveals ‘shocking’ wealth gap in access to university - twice as bad as in England

Daily Express (Scotland, by Kirsteen Paterson) - Poor Scots faced with education 'access gap'

The Daily Record (by Laura Paterson) - Plea for urgent action to close shocking access gap to universities

The Daily Record (by David Clegg) - Scottish Politics Today: Free tuition fees may be a popular policy but it isn't working

The Daily Record (by David Clegg) - Scottish universities failing pooor students as report reveals scrapping fees has not closed attainment gap (Unis are failing poor students)

Times Higher Education (by Chris Havergal) - Benefits of free university tuition in Scotland ‘not evident’

The Independent (by Afab Ali) - Scottish universities worst in the UK for admitting poorer students, despite having no tuition fees

The Daily Express (by David Scott Young) - Poor Scots four times less likely to get place at university than teens from rich families

Evening Express (Aberdeen) - 'Shocking' uni access gap for poorer Scots

Glasgow Evening Times - Poor unlikely to attend uni

The Sun (by Andrew Nicoll) - Uni entry gap 'fails' poor kids

Daily Mail (Scotland, by Alan Roden) - Poorer Scots 4 times less likely to get to university

Metro (Scotland, by Stephen Deal) - Poorest face uphill task getting into university

Relevant publication

Blog article by Conor Ryan - Scotland’s access challenge

Relevant news

The News Statesman (12.4.2016) - The SNP has failed Scotland's children

THE (28.1.2016) - Several London post-92s see falls in battle for students

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Seminar - Higher Education and Social Class: Scotland in Comparative Perspective (31.5.2016)

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Access to higher education for people from less advantaged backgrounds in Scotland and the rest of the UK