Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

Commissioned report "Intersectionality in Scottish higher education institutions" published (28.6.2016)

The final report of our project "Attracting diversity: Identifying underrepresented groups" commissioned by the Equality Challenge Unit is now published.

This research, conducted by Dr Elisabet Weedon, examines some of the specific intersections of identities within the population of Scottish domiciled entrants at Scottish higher education institutions. Socioeconomic status is examined in combination with the protected characteristics of age, disability, ethnicity and gender to understand the potential impact combinations of these factors have on access and participation.

The data provided in the report covers socioeconomic status (as measured by Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, parental education and occupational classification under NS-SEC), in combination with the protected characteristics of age, disability, ethnicity and gender.

The report "Intersectionality in Scottish higher education institutions: Examining socioeconomic status and protected characteristics" is now available for download on the website of the Equality Challenge Unit.

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