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CREID's research on widening access noted in BBC News (4.2.2016)

A story of BBC News (04.02.2016) noted the data released by UCAS in its report "UK application rates by the January deadline" and referenced our work on widening access.

According to the article, although the Scottish government emphasised that application rates for 18 year olds living in the most deprived areas in Scotland were 65% more likely to apply compared to 2006, our research on widening access, along with other critics, have questioned whether the free university tuition policy actually helps widen access to university - or merely removes a perceived barrier. The paper also quoted the critics by saying that the policy was a "middle class benefit" and contrasted the cost of free university tuition with cuts to college budgets in recent years.

It's also been argued that UCAS figures do not always reflect the total number of Scots from disadvantaged areas who hope to gain a degree as they don't reflect the work of colleges.

BBC News (4th February 2016)

This news story and the report by UCAS can be accessed via the following links: BBC News (4.2.2016) - Record number of Scots apply to university

UCAS report - UK application rates by the January deadline


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