Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

News archive 2016

All news about CREID in 2016.

Blackburn's remark in Herald Scotland on cuts to the student support budget (08.12.2016)

Lucy Hunter Blackburn, our ESRC-funded PhD candidate, was interviewed by the Herald Scotland on her view towards claims that the Student Awards Agency for Scotland has deleted student bursary reference in an official report following an intervention by Scottish Ministers.

Academic Roundtable with Naomi Eisenstadt (23.11.2016)

On 23rd November, Sheila Riddell attended an academic roundtable organised by the Scottish Government on behalf of Naomi Eisenstadt, Independent Advisor on Poverty and Inequality.

Blackburn's interviews on her PhD research (26.10.2016)

Lucy Hunter Blackburn, our ESRC-funded PhD candidate, was interviewed by various media on her latest research about new student funding statistics.

Riddell's presentation to City of Glasgow College on widening access to HE (26.10.2016)

Professor Sheila Riddell was invited by the City of Glasgow College to speak on "Widening access to higher education in Scotland: the role of colleges" at its International Education Symposium 2016.

Weedon and Blackburn's presentation to the AQMeN International Conference 2016 (26.10.2016)

Dr Elisabet Weedon and Lucy Hunter Blackburn gave a presentation "Higher education in Scotland and the rest of the UK: The role of colleges and the structure of the university sector" to the AQMeN International Conference 2016.

The Diamond Report published (03.10.2016)

In September 2016, the Welsh Government published "The Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance Arrangements in Wales (The Diamond Report)". Sheila Riddell was a member of the review panel.

Boeren's interview on lifelong learning participation (11.10.2016)

Dr Ellen Boeren was interviewed by Radio Edutalk on "Lifelong Learning Participation in a Changing Policy Context: an Interdisciplinary Theory".

Riddell's working paper: inequality - Good for the Rich, Bad for the Economy (03.10.2016)

Professor Sheila Riddell was part of a short-term working group which advised on the production of a working paper, "Inequality – Good for the Rich, Bad for the Economy."

Riddell's presentation to the UNESCO-EERA Panel at ECER 2016 (24.08.2016)

Professor Sheila Riddell was invited by UNESCO to speak as a discussant at the UNESCO-EERA Panel "The role of research in advancing the Education 2030 Agenda" at ECER 2016.

Weedon's presentation to lecturers from Ningxia University (10.08.2016)

Dr Elisabet Weedon was invited by the International Office of the University of Edinburgh to give a talk on widening access in the UK and Europe to a group of visiting Chinese lecturers from Ningxia University in China.

Commissioned report "Intersectionality in Scottish higher education institutions" published (28.6.2016)

The final report of our project "Attracting diversity: Identifying underrepresented groups" commissioned by the Equality Challenge Unit is now published.

Media coverage on CREID's report "Access in Scotland" (27.5.2016 - 10.6.2016)

The front page of The Times and of The Scotsman, along with many other newspapers and magazines, highlighted the findings of our latest report "Access to Scotland", an interview with Lucy Hunter Blackburn and comments of Sheila Riddell.

Weedon's presentation to Umeå University on 'disabled' students in higher education (16.06.2016)

Dr. Elisabet Weedon gave a paper entitled "Disabled students in higher education in the UK and Europe" to a workshop at the Umeå University, Sweden.

Riddell's presentation to CNUDD conference on the inclusion of disabled students in HE in Europe (13.05.2016)

Professor Sheila Riddell gave a paper entitled "The inclusion of disabled students in higher education in Europe: Progress and challenges" to the Conferenza Nazionale Universitaria Delegati Disabilità (CNUDD, the Italian University Conference of Delegates for Disabilities).

Riddell's and Blackburn's remarks in News Statesman (12.4.2016)

The News Statesman (12th April 2016) quoted remarks of Riddell and Blackburn on the failure of free university tuition in Scotland to narrow the attainment gap between advantaged and less advantaged Scottish children and to widen access to higher education for the latter.

Final report of the CoWA published (14.3.2016)

Professor Sheila Riddell, Lucy Hunter Blackburn and Sarah Minty were the consultees of the Commission on Widening Access of the Scottish Government. Its final report "A blueprint for fairness" was published on 14th March 2016.