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Lucy Hunter Blackburn's research on student debt cited by VOX.com (22.10.2015)

An article (22nd October 2015) about the ongoing debates on student debts and finance on an American news website, VOX.com, cited a piece of research by Lucy Hunter Blackburn on the debt burdened by students in Scotland.

The paper noted that Blackburn's indicated that the current fee free policy has created a "de facto system of graduate tax". As a result, graduates from families having lower household incomes in Scotland might end up having far more debt than graduates from wealthier families. 

This news article and the research on student debt by Blackburn can be viewed via the following links.

VOX.com (22.10.2015) - "What Scotland learned from making college tuition free"

Lucy Hunter Blackburn's research: "Who pays for free higher education? The case of Scotland"

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