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The Independent on Sarah Minty's presentation to BERA 2015 (18.9.2015)

The Independent (18.09.2015) picked up Sarah Minty's presentation to the British Education Research Association (BERA) Conference 2015. The paper highlighted Sarah's research on the radically different views of young people in England and Scotland about who should pay for education under the different fee systems.

The paper noted that, according to Minty's research, many students from working-class backgrounds in England had been increasingly "resigned to student debt" and viewed it as a "normal part" of being a student. On the other hand, however, three quarters of Scottish teenagers in Scotland considered it as a duty of the state to pay for their higher education.


This news article and Sarah Minty's presentation and paper can be viewed via the following links:

The Independent - Tuition fees divide changes the way students in Scotland and England view their education (by Jamie Merrill)

Sarah Minty's paper and presentation slides.



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