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News archive 2015

All news about CREID in 2015.

Lucy Hunter Blackburn's submission to CoWA & Sarah Minty's paper to BERA referenced in Social Mobility & Child Poverty Commission report (18.12.2015)

Lucy Hunter Blackburn's previous submission to the call for evidence by the Scottish Government's Commission on Widening Access, and Sarah Minty's paper on young people's attitude towards fees and debt in Scotland were referenced.

Interim report of the Diamond Review published (18.12.2015)

Professor Sheila Riddell is a member of a committee reviewing the future of higher education in Wales. The committee is chaired by Professor Ian Diamond, University of Aberdeen. The interim report was published on 18th December 2015. The final report will be published by September 2016.

Papers from "Special Education and Policy Change" in a DfE report (17.12.2015)

In response to a call for literature evidence for a DfE project, CREID submitted papers from our recent project "Special Education and Policy Change". The papers were published in the special issue "Special education and globalisation: Continuities and contrasts across the developed and developing world" of the journal "Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education."

Press coverage of Professor Riddell's remarks on fee in her book (2-3.12.2015)

The Herald Scotland in its front-page cover and the leader comment (2nd December 2015), as well as several other newspapers (3rd December 2015) quoted extensively the comments of Professor Sheila Riddell on free tuition in the concluding chapter of the book "Higher Education in Scotland and the UK: Diverging or Converging Systems?"

Blog post on Widening Access Seminar (4.12.2015)

Dr Hazel Christie, Lecturer in university learning and teaching and a member of the IAD’s Learning and Teaching team, has written a blog article about our seminar "Widening Access to Scottish Higher Education: Getting in and Getting on" held on the 1st December 2015 at the University of Edinburgh.

Riddell's presentation on inclusion in HE (11.11.2015)

Sheila Riddell is a keynote speaker and rapporteur at a seminar organised by the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education on Inclusion in Higher Education, Rome, 12th November 2015.

CREID awarded Horizon 2020 grant (29.10.2015)

CREID has been awarded a prestigious Horizon 2020 grant on lifelong learning for young adults in Europe. Our proposal ranked first out of 145 proposals and was given a maximum score.

New book published - HE in Scotland & the UK (27.10.2015)

Our new book Higher Education in Scotland and the UK: Diverging or Converging Systems? is now published.

Lucy Hunter Blackburn's research on student debt cited by Telegraph (28.10.2015)

Following an article (22 October 2015) about the ongoing debates on student debts and finance on VOX.com, another article in the Telegraph (28 October 2015) noted a response from the SNP’s Education Minister and quoted Lucy Hunter Blackburn's remark to ITV Border.

Press coverage on the 50 years of Scottish comprehensive schooling conference (26.10.2015)

BBC News, the Herald Scotland, BBC 1, BBC Radio Scotland and Kingdom FM all mentioned the conference "What have we learned from fifty years of Scottish comprehensive schooling?" co-organised by the Centre for Educational Sociology (CES) and CREID on the 27th October 2015.

Lucy Hunter Blackburn's research on student debt cited by VOX.com (22.10.2015)

An article (22nd October 2015) about the ongoing debates on student debts and finance on an American news website, VOX.com, cited a piece of research by Lucy Hunter Blackburn on the debt burdened by students in Scotland.

Evidence papers on student loan and debt submitted to Scottish Government's Education & Culture Committee

Following some press coverage on the research of Lucy Hunter Blackburn and Sarah Minty on student finance and the production of a student finance guide by Sarah Minty, Lucy and Sarah have both recently submitted an evidence papers to the Education and Culture Committee of the Scottish Government in response to its inquiry into living cost support for students through bursaries and loans.

The Economist on Riddell's remark on fees and CREID's research on student debts (3.10.2015)

Following an interview with Professor Sheila Riddell, The Economist published an article (3rd Oct 2015) on the debts of Scottish students, and the debates on the benefits of the abolition of fees to widening access to higher education.

Calls for evidence by Scottish & Welsh Governments on HE & widening access (25.9.2015)

CREID has responded to recent calls for evidence issues by the Scottish and Welsh Governments on higher education and widening access.

The Independent on Sarah Minty's presentation to BERA 2015 (18.9.2015)

The Independent (18.09.2015) picked up Sarah Minty's presentation to the British Education Research Association (BERA) Conference 2015. The paper highlighted Sarah's research on the radically different views of young people in England and Scotland about who should pay for education under the different fee systems.

Presentations to BERA Conference 2015 (14.9.2015)

Sheila Riddell, Sarah Minty, Lucy Hunter Blackburn and Susan Whittaker gave a presentation to BERA Conference 2015.