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Media coverage on fees - ESRC project findings (24-25.6.2014)

Several papers (24th and 25th June 2014) picked up various issues, particularly the findings on tuition fees, from the working papers of our ESRC Fellowship project and its dissemination event on the 24th June.

The articles that picked up our research findings include:

  • The Daily Telegraph - Scots 'face university fees' under separation (25.6.2014)
  • The Times - SNP’s fees policy illegal ‘after yes vote’ / SNP's tuition fees policy 'could not continue after yes vote' (25.6.2014)
  • Daily Express - Tuition fee threat (25.6.2014)
  • Metro - No fees for UK students if there's Yes vote, says study (25.6.2014)
  • The Scotsman - Scottish independence: Tuition fees warning / Scotland 'will have to stop charging UK student fees' (25.6.2014)
  • Evening Times - Warning over tuition fees (25.6.2014)


Meanwhile, BBC Two Scotland's Scotland 2014 (24.6.2014) also highlighted the topic on fees from our research findings, included a brief interview with Sheila Riddell and presented some shots of the dissemination event on the 24th June.

The programme is available on BBC iPlayer until 22.59 1st July 2014 and can be watched via the link below:

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