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Information about recent developments and findings from our projects and research these two years.

Evidence on ASN by Riddell to Scottish Parliament Education & Skills Committee (27 Feb 2019)

Professor Sheila Riddell provided evidence to the Scottish Parliament Education & Skills Committee during its work on ASN in 2017.

Two presentations by Professor Riddell in Spain (19 & 21 Feb 2019)

Professor Sheila Riddell gave two presentations in Spain. One was on children with Additional Support Needs in Scotland and another was about designing and selecting qualitative samples.

Riddell suggests ways to tackle declining CSPs (10 Feb 2019)

Professor Sheila Riddell was interviewed by The Herald Scotland on a growing concern over a steady decline of (co-ordinated support plan) CSPs sinc ethe Additional Support for Learning Act was introduced in 2004.

Op-ed piece by Professor Riddell in The Herald on ASN support (15 Jan 2019)

Professor Sheila Riddell was invited to write an op-ed piece on ASn support for The Herald on the 15th January 2019.

Riddell's presentation on LLL and adults with disabilities at NCSE Research Conference (20 Nov 2018)

Professor Sheila Riddell is invited to speak at the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) Research Conference 2018. Her presentation is entitled "Lifelong Learning and Transitions for Adults with Disabilities".

Riddell's presentation on ASN provision in education (31 Oct 2018)

Professor Sheila Riddell gave a presentation on the rights of children with ASN and, drawing on recent research, to identify challenges in their implementation to a seminar "ASN Provision in Education: Meeting the Needs of Young People". This seminar was organised by the Holyrood Magazine at COSLA in Edinburgh on the 31st October 2018.

Latest title on higher education funding and access (16 May 2018)

Our latest title "Higher Education Funding and Access in International Perspective", edited by Sheila Riddell, Sarah Minty, Elisabet Weedon and Susan Whittaker, will be published tomorrow.

Riddell comments on difference in the proportion of pupils with CSP across authority areas (7 May 2018)

Riddell was interviewed by Andrew Denholm from The Herald in response to figures that indicate a significant difference in the proportion of pupils with complex difficulties being given a coordinated support plan (CSP) across authority areas.

Riddell comments on 'inadequate' provision in mainstream schools (24 Apr 2018)

In an interview by TES, Riddell commented that the sharp increase in cases in Scotland special needs tribunal could be attributed to the 'inadequate' provision in mainstream schools.

Riddell's presentation on ASL provision to Scotland Policy Conferences (24 Apr 2018)

Professor Sheila Riddell gave a keynote presentation entitled "Key issues for Additional Support for Learning (ASL) provision in Scotland" to the Scotland Policy Conferences seminar "Next steps for Additional Support for Learning provision: Access, funding and improving outcomes" at the Royal Society of Edinburgh on the 24th April 2018.

Blackburn & Minty's research cited in the report of the NUS Poverty Commission (23 April 2018)

The studies of Lucy Hunter Blackburn and Sarah Minty used in the evidence submitted by the Child Poverty Action Group Scotland to the NUS Poverty Commission were cited in its report "Class dismissed: Getting in and getting on in further and higher education" published on the 23rd April 2018.

Riddell's presentation on special & inclusive education to AERA 2018 (16.04.2018)

Professor Sheila Riddell gave a session paper entitled "Developing a critical sociology of special and inclusive education: The contribution of Sally Tomlinson" to the AERA 2018 Annual Meeting "The dreams, possibilities and necessity of public education" in New York City on the 16th April 2018.

The Herald quoted Blackburn's comment on the free accommodation scheme for poorest students (12-13 Apr 2018)

Several printed media quoted Lucy Hunter Blackburn's comment on a free year in halls of residence offered by the Aberdeen University to applicants who have a postcode officially deemed as among the most deprived 20% in the UK.

Riddell's presentation on ASN to the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland (27 Feb 2018)

Professor Sheila Riddell gave a presentation entitled "Children with ASN: What can we learn from the statistics?" to an induction training on ASN organised by the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland on the 27th February 2018.

Blackburn cited by Ferret Fact Service in response to MP Cherry's claim that Scottish students leave universities without a huge debt (22 Feb 2018)

Lucy Hunter Blackburn's research on student debts, which is linked to CREID's projects on Scottish higher education (HE), was quoted by Ferret Fact Service in The Daily Record in response to SNP MP Joanna Cherry's claim on the free fee policy of Scottish HE in the Andrew Marr Show on the 18th February.

Riddell's presentation on disability, gender and social class to University of Leipzig (12.02.2018)

Professor Sheila Riddell gave a presentation entitled "Disability, Gender and Social Class in Education: Making the Connections in European Higher Education" to the conference "Diversit├Ąt (ent)Grenzen?! Herausforderungen einer diversit├Ątsgerechten Hochschule" at the University of Leipzig on the 12th February 2018.