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Information about recent developments and findings from our projects and research this year.

Riddell's presentation on disability, gender and social class to University of Leipzig (12.02.2018)

Professor Sheila Riddell gave a presentation entitled "Disability, Gender and Social Class in Education: Making the Connections in European Higher Education" to the conference "Diversität (ent)Grenzen?! Herausforderungen einer diversitätsgerechten Hochschule" at the University of Leipzig on the 12th February 2018.

Blackburn comments on drop in applications from 18-year-olds living in disadvantaged areas in Scotland revealed by UCAS data (6 Feb 2018)

CREID's research on free fee policy in Scottish higher education continues to generate discussions in several media outlets following a recent release of UCAS figures which revealed a drop in application rates from 18-year-olds living in disadvantaged areas in Scotland.

'Access in Scotland' referred to by the Commissioner for Fair Access's Annual Report (13 Dec 2017)

Our research report 'Access in Scotland' commissioned by the Sutton Trust was referred to by the Annual Report of the Commissioner for Fair Access.

Riddell's new book published (7 Dec 2017)

Professor Sheila Riddell's new title "Special Education and Globalisation: Continuities and contrasts across the developed and developing world", published by Routledge, is now available.

Riddell's scholarly visit to Universities of Burgos (12 Dec 2017)

Professor Sheila Riddell has been awarded a visiting fellowship by the Universities of Burgos, Léon and Valladolid.

Weedon's presentation on widening access to Holyrood Magazine (7 Dec 2017)

Dr Elisabet Weedon was invited to give a presentation entitled 'Widening access: Outcome agreements and (troublesome?) indicators' on 7 December 2017.

Riddell's invited talk to International Symposium Umeå (30 Nov-1 Dec 2017)

Professor Sheila Riddell was invited to give a talk to the International Symposium Umea on the theme "Gender, Disability and Special Education - Intersectional and Interdisciplinary Research' at Umeå University in Sweden between 30th November and 1st December 2017.

A New Social Contract for Students, 2017 (20 Nov 2017)

Lucy Hunter Blackburn was approached by several media outlets for her comments on the Scottish Government's Independent Review of Student Funding upon the publication of its final report on Monday the 20th November 2017.

Lucy Hunter Blackburn nominated Wonk of the Year 2017 (8 Nov 2017)

Many congratulations to Lucy Hunter Blackburn who has been nominated Wonk of the Year 2017 by WONKHE http://wonkhe.com/the-wonkhe-awards-2017/

Blackburn's research evidence on tuition fee cited by The Spectator (4 Nov 2017)

An article by Hettie O'Brien from The Spectator quoted research evidence by Lucy Hunter Blackburn to illustrate how free tuition in Scotland could entrench social inequality.

Boeren received AAACE Cyril O. Houle Award (2.11.2017)

Many congratulations to Dr Ellen Boeren, who has just received the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education's (AAACE) Cyril O. Houle Award 2017 in recognition of her outstanding contribution to adult education literature.

Riddell's presentation to Holyrood's ASN Provision in Education (31 Oct 2017)

Professor Sheila Riddell was invited to give a talk to a Holyrood Policy's event 'ASN Provision in Education: Priorities, Potential, and the 10-year Strategy' organised by COSLA in Edinburgh on 31st October 2017.

CREID's report "Access to HE" quoted by Holyrood Magazine (05.10.2017)

Some key findings of our report "Access in Scotland" commissioned by the Sutton Trust were quoted in a commentary "Bottom of the class in education" of Holyrood Magazine by Mary Macleod, a former Conservative MP.

Look beyond tuition fees in university access debate, says Riddell (31 Aug 2017)

Professor Sheila Riddell wrote an op-ed for The Herald Scotland prior to our seminar 'Higher Education, Funding and Access' on the 31st August on university access in Scotland.

Volunteers sought for a Youth Panel to inform research on training and learning opportunities for young adults – invitation to express interest (3rd Aug 2017)

We are researchers at the University of Edinburgh who are working with other researchers from Europe and Australia on a project called ENLIVEN ‘Encouraging Lifelong Learning for a Vibrant and Inclusive Europe’. The project is aiming to increase our understanding of how young adults (16-24) can be supported through education and training to better find their way in the workplace and society as a whole. More information on the project can be found at our website: https://h2020enliven.org/

CREID's report "Access to HE" quoted extensively by BuzzFeed News (05.07.2017)

Some key findings of our report "Access in Scotland" commissioned by the Sutton Trust were quoted extensively in a feature article "This Is Why Not Everyone In Scotland Thinks Free Uni Tuition Is A Great Thing" of BuzzFeed News. The article also carries an interview with Lucy Hunter Blackburn, one of the authors of the report.