Centre for Research in Education Inclusion & Diversity (CREID)

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Latest seminars and workshops organised by CREID and affiliated partners.

Autonomy, rights and children with special needs: International perspectives (13 June 2018)

The contributors to this seminar are based in 6 jurisdictions: the US, Scotland, England, Wales, Spain and Northern Ireland. In order to understand national legislation, policy and practice, papers draw on literature and empirical research from the fields of law, education, philosophy and social policy.

[INVITED SEMINAR] Restorative Approaches: Measuring ‘success’ and aiming for impact

This seminar offers the opportunity for professionals and academics to learn and share experience on how we can measure ‘success’ and impact in working restoratively in schools.

Public Lecture: On the Presumption of Mainstreaming: Ideals and Reality (16.01.2018)

This public lecture considers the pros and cons of this policy and asks whether it still has a place in Scottish education.