Centre for Research in Education Inclusion & Diversity (CREID)

Latest events

Latest seminars and workshops organised by CREID and affiliated partners.

[INVITED SEMINAR] Restorative Approaches: Measuring ‘success’ and aiming for impact

This seminar offers the opportunity for professionals and academics to learn and share experience on how we can measure ‘success’ and impact in working restoratively in schools.

Public Lecture: On the Presumption of Mainstreaming: Ideals and Reality (16.01.2018)

This public lecture considers the pros and cons of this policy and asks whether it still has a place in Scottish education.

Higher Education, Funding and Access: Scotland and the UK in International Perspective (31 August 2017)

This seminar explores the way in which developed countries are attempting to reconcile efforts to widen access to higher education with the need to develop a fair and sustainable system of student funding.

Seminar - Choosing the PGDE: Motivations and influences for WP students (16 November 2017)

This seminar discusses the research findings of the project "Choosing the PGDE: Motivations and influences for WP students" by Dr Susan Whittaker commissioned by the Careers Service, University of Edinburgh.