Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

Events archive 2017

CREID events in 2017

Higher Education, Funding and Access: Scotland and the UK in International Perspective (31 August 2017)

This seminar explores the way in which developed countries are attempting to reconcile efforts to widen access to higher education with the need to develop a fair and sustainable system of student funding.

Seminar - Choosing the PGDE: Motivations and influences for WP students (16 November 2017)

This seminar discusses the research findings of the project "Choosing the PGDE: Motivations and influences for WP students" by Dr Susan Whittaker commissioned by the Careers Service, University of Edinburgh.

SCUTREA Conference 2017: Adult Education for Inclusion and Diversity (4-6 July 2017)

The theme of the 2017 conference is 'Adult Education for Inclusion and Diversity' and is hosted in collaboration with CREID.

MHSE Public Lecture - Rethinking Education: Equity concerns in today’s global learning landscape (5 May 2017)

The presentation will briefly recount the publication’s main postulates and will expand on its conclusions, raising some fundamental questions regarding inequalities in education and the challenges entailed in achieving the intention of leaving no one behind.

Exclusion: A four nations study Edinburgh seminar (13 Feb 2017)

Following the submission of an application by a research team from the University of Oxford to the Fell Fund focussing on mapping and characterising permanent exclusion in the four nations, a seminar was set up at the University of Edinburgh to take up and work with the questions posted by two research partners in their presentation to their last meeting in October 2017.