Centre for Research in Education Inclusion & Diversity (CREID)


CREID briefings available for download (all in PDF format).

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CREID Briefing 41: Post-School Education for Marginalised Young People: Evidence from Scotland 2019/01/29

CREID Briefing 40: Autonomy, Rights and Children with Special Needs: A New Paradigm? -- Analysis of key informant interviews: Scotland

CREID Briefing 39: Autonomy, Rights and Children with Special Needs: A New Paradigm? -- Scottish local authority survey results 2018/04/11
CREID Brieing 38: ENLIVEN: An overview of provision in Scotland in seven types of education for adults 2018/01/15
CREID Briefing 37: Choosing the PGDE: Motivations and Influences for students with and without widening participation backgrounds 2017/05/17
CREID Briefing 36: Patterns and Destinations of Cross-border Higher Education Mobility in the UK 2017/05/09
CREID Briefing 35: Student Characteristics and Their Association with Cross-border Higher Education Mobility in the UK 2017/05/09
CREID Briefing 34: Pupils as Citizens: Participation, responsibility and voice in the transition from primary to secondary school - Executive summary 2017/01/23
CREID Briefing 33: Access to Higher Education in Scotland 2016/08/18
CREID Briefing 32: HE, the Devolution Settlement & the Referendum on Independence: Research Findings 2015/02/01
CREID Briefing 31: Widening Access to Higher Education: Does Anyone Know What Works? 2014/03/03
CREID Briefing 30: Post-school Transitions of People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing 2013/10/31
CREID Briefing 29: Evaluation of Education Provision for Children and Young People Educated Outside 2013/08/01
CREID Briefing 28: Muslim Families’ Educational Experiences in England and Scotland 2013/05/08
CREID Briefing 27: The Education of Children and Young People with a Sensory Impairment in Scotland 2012/06/30
CREID Briefing 26: Skills for Scotland: Learning in and for businesses 2012/02/23
CREID Briefing 25: Evaluation of the All Wales School Liaison Core Programme 2011/03/28
CREID Briefing 24: Disability, Skills and Employment - A review of recent statistics and literature 2010/10/13
CREID Briefing 23: Dispute Resolution and Avoidance in Special & ASN in England and Scotland 2010/07/01
CREID Briefing 22: Religious Education in a Multicultural Society: Scotland National Report 2010/02/12
CREID Briefing 21: Towards a Lifelong Learning Society in Europe: Formal continuing education within 2010/02/12
CREID Briefing 20: What does the Human Rights Agenda Have to Say About Care and Dignity? 2009/06/05
CREID Briefing 19: Dimensions of Persistent Inequality in Scotland 2009/06/05
CREID Briefing 18: The Impact of the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 2009/05/15
CREID Briefing 17: Immigration, Equality and Human Rights 2009/06/02
CREID Briefing 16: Towards a Lifelong Learning Society in Europe 2009/03/13
CREID Briefing 15: Knowledge Exchange on Public Policy in Scotland: Promoting Best Practice in Equal 2009/03/13
CREID Briefing 14: An Overview of the Policy and Delivery Base for Skills Development Scotland 2009/02/05
CREID Briefing 13: Reviewing Attitudes to Vocational Learning 2009/02/05
CREID Briefing 12: Disabled Students in Higher Education - Experiences and Outcomes 2008/10/27
CREID Briefing 11: Report on the Development of Care Co-ordination Services in Scotland 2008/10/08
CREID Briefing 10: Report of a Feasibility Study Into Setting Up a Scottish Centre for Research on Equality and Human Rights 2008/02/21
CREID Briefing 09: Experiences of Workplace Learning in SMEs: Lessons for Good Practice 2008/02/18
CREID Briefing 08: Restorative Practices in 3 Scottish Councils 2007/08/30
CREID Briefing 07: Towards a Lifelong Learning Society in Europe 2007/08/30
CREID Briefing 06: Implementation of Direct Payments in Scotland for People Who Use Care Services 2007/01/02
CREID Briefing 05: Literature Review of Pupils with Additional Support Needs 2007/01/02
CREID Briefing 04: Future Delivery of Advice and Information Services for Additional Support Need 2007/01/02
CREID Briefing 03: Equality & Diversity in the FE Workforce 2006/11/23
CREID Briefing 02: Gender Balance of the Teaching Workforce in Publicly Funded Schools in Scotland 2006/06/09
CREID Briefing 01: Exclusion from School – What does it mean to pupils? 2006/03/02