Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity (CREID)

PhD students

Research students associated with CREID

Name Supervisors Degree and Project Title
Ghaleyah Alajmi 1: Dr Gale Macleod, and 2: Dr Katie Cebula PhD: Executive function in children and adults with Down syndrome: a systematic review, pilot and intervention study
Enid Quesada Alfaro 1: Professor Sheila Riddell, and 2: Dr Cathy Howieson PhD: Policy transfer in higher education: the case of quality assurance mechanisms in Costa Rica
Lucy Hunter Blackburn 1: Professor Sheila Riddell, and 2: Professor Cristina Iannelli PhD: The Social Distribution of Student Debt in Scotland and the Rest of the UK
Colin Brough 1: Dr Gale Macleod, and 2: Dr Mark Smith PhD: What do the stories, told by boys and young men from one foster home, tell us about their upbringing with a single male foster carer?
Fiona Couper Kenney 1: Professor Sheila Riddell, and 2: Professor Kay Tisdall PhD: How do young people, parents and professionals understand school non-attendance? Exploring tensions in policy and practice in Scotland.
Robin Dallas-Childs 1: Dr Gale Macleod, and 2: Dr James MacAllister PhD: Exploring the impact of British educational policy on learners in alternative provision
Brendan Kwiatowski 1: Dr Marlies Kustatscher, and 2: Dr Gillean McCluskey PhD: Healthy masculinity and adolescence: resilience to restrictive masculinity
Sarah Minty 1: Professor Sheila Riddell, and 2: Dr Cathy Howieson PhD: Young people’s higher education decisions in Scotland: the influence of social class and family attitudes to higher education costs
Victor Olivia Paz 1: Dr Gale Macleod, and 2: Professor Mark Smith (Dundee University) Social Pedagogy is residential schools in Spain
Susy Paulus 1: Dr Gale Macleod, and 2: Dr Simon Beames PhD: The provision of organised outdoor activities for refuges in Europe

Xiaomeng Tian

1: Dr Gale Macleod, and 2) Dr Neil Lent (IAD) PhD: A qualitative study on pedagogical relationships at PGT level in the UK
Graham Thomson 1: Dr Gale Macleod, and 2: Dr Christine Nash PhD: The leadership for learning of Scottish secondary school Head Teachers
Shrikant Wad 1: Professor Sheila Riddell; and 2: Kuang-Hsu Chiang PhD: Social disparities amongst undergraduate disciplines: a realist inquiry into choice and affirmative action in India
Jaye Ware 1: Dr Jane Brown, and 2: Dr Lynn Jamieson PhD: Young people's perspectives on Queerphobia, gender and sexual diversity in Scottish secondary schools

Completed PhD Students

Siti Abdul Latif 1: Dr Jo WIlliams, and 2: Dr Elisabet Weedon PhD: In Education: Designing a culturally sensitive screening tool in identifying students with Emotional and Behavioural difficulties in Brunei Darussalam

Ania Byerly

1: Professor Sheila Riddell, and 2: Dr Rowena Arshad PhD: Scottish primary school teacher perspectives on multicultural and anti-racist education
Katherine Friend 1: Professor Sheila Riddell, and 2: Dr Gale Macleod PhD: Assessing the intersections of masculinity, social class, and underrepresented student transition during the first year of university at three peer institutions: Edinburgh, Scotland; Durham, England; Madison, Wisconsin
Geetha Marcus 1: Dr Akwugo Emejulu, and 2: Dr Gillean McCluskey PhD: From The Margins to the Centre: The Educational Experiences of Gypsy/Traveller Girls in Scottish Schools
Dulce Mendoza 1: Professor Cristina Ianelli, and 2: Dr Ellen Boeren PhD: Social inequalities in young people's educational outcomes. A comparative study among upper secondary schools in Mexico
Raheleh Mireslami 1: Professor Morwenna Griffiths, and 2: Dr Gale Macleod PhD: Critical thinking in religious education resources: A case study of four secondary schools in Scotland
Melissa Moncrieffe 1: Dr Elisabet Weedon, and 2: Professor Lynn Tett PhD: Interpretations of a model of Non-Formal Education: A critical, comparative case study analysis of national US and Scottish programs for young people

Yuchen Wang

1: Professor Lani Florian, and 2: Dr Jane Brown PhD:Imagining inclusive schooling: an ethnographic inquiry into disabled children's participation in regular schools in urban Shanghai
Jenestar Wanjiru 1: Dr Gale Macleod, 2: Dr Gillean McCluskey, and 3: Dr Deirdre Torrance PhD: Towards sustainable inclusion/retention of marginalised and vulnerable children: exploring leadership practices and perspectives in one primary school in Kenya
Sujin Yoon 1: Dr Gillean McCluskey, and 2: Dr Debi Fry PhD: North Korean refugee children in South Korean schools