Doctoral supervision

PhD students supervised by members of the Group.

Students and project titles

Here is a list of research students supervised by members of our Community Education Research Group.

Research Students and Project Titles
Student Research Project Title
Banu, Noor The development of moral education, civics and citizenship education in Malaysia.
Breslin, Scott Investigation of the professional development needs of expatriate leaders of humanitarian aid projects in Central Asia and the Middle East.
Briton, Douglas How do you prepare staff on educational expeditions to respond to emergencies?
Cacho, Patricia The life ambitions of black and minority ethnic young people in rural Scotland.
Cardona, Mario A way forward for community-based agriculture in Malta through an investment in education and training.
Forster, Jo Reducing health inequalities through adult and community learning in northeast England.
Hong, Pyollim Becoming a citizen: what do young people learn through formal education and through informal experiences in civil society.
Lee (Wing huen) Dorothy The education of citizenship: the making of future citizens in secondary schools in Hong Kong Co-Supervisor.
McGregor, Callum Mobilising to tackle climate change: education and learning in and for social action.
Makuve, Christine Immigration, race and identity: The responses to education of Zimbabwean heritage children in the UK.
Mobasseri, Hoda Muslim feminism and Muslim women's negotiations of public and private spaces.
Tindell, Sharisse Being a girl, being a guide: How girls and women negotiate gendered identities through membership of Girl guiding.
Trowler, Vicki Student engagement among non-traditional students in HE.
Watts, Jennifer Risk management and safety training in a Bachelor Outdoor Studies Leadership course.
Wiener-Ogilvie, Sharon The learning environment in General Practice training and its relationship to 'preparedness for practice'.
Young, Henry Ideology, contradiction, educational reform and social justice in rural areas of the People’s Republic of China.