Academy of Sport - Acadamaidh Spòrs Oilthigh Dhùn Èideann

Research themes

The Academy of Sport supports research (i) about issues and problems within sport itself; and (ii) where sport is part of a broader solution or intervention.

Our approach sees research, education and advocacy as interlinked.

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Objectives & Principles

We try to develop the most supportive environment possible for our researchers and students so that they can do what they do best- advance an understanding of sport and physical cultures.

Sport, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Old College
The Academy of Sport is located within the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Sport for Peace & International Development

Boy with football
Sport has a role to play in advancing peace, conflict resolution and public diplomacy.

Sport for Health

Health for all is one of the World Economic Forum's key issues. Sport has an immediate link to health.

Sport, Inequality & Social Justice

By examining the ideological practices and processes involving sport and physical cultures it becomes possible to challenge inequitable practice in and through sport.

Sport for the Environment

Football in Edinburgh
The Academy of Sport draws upon expertise across the University to promote, provide and shape outdoor sport and adventure agendas, policies and professional practice.

Sports Governance & Performance

Street football
Our scientists explore and stretch the boundaries of knowledge about sports governance and performance.