Academy of Sport - Acadamaidh Spòrs Oilthigh Dhùn Èideann

Edinburgh-Toronto Public Symposia & Lectures

In June 2014 the Universities of Edinburgh and Toronto signed an agreement to work more closely together.

The public lecture and seminar series was established to open up access not just to researchers working in the two universities but also speakers who have contributed to research, debate and dialogue about sport, physical activity, kinesiology, exercise sciences and physical education.

The Business of Football

Calum Ross from Deloitte discusses the business of football.

The Future of Football

Calum Ross from Deloitte discusses the future of football.

Sports Events, Legacy and Rights

Sports Events, Legacy and Rights – David Grevemburg CBE 14 March 2023

The Economic Value of Sport

The Economic Value of Sport - Feb 28 2023 David Bell Lecture

The Homeless World Cup - Mel Young 2023

Football More than a Game - Mel Young Co-founder and president of the homeless world cup on football tackling homelessness.

Mega Sporting Events, Private Security & Human Rights – The 2022 FIFA World Cup and the Commonwealth Games

The International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) and the Centre for Sport & Human Rights kicked-off a discussion about how it takes a team to understand and manage the human rights risks at play in ensuring the contracting of responsible private security providers. Panelists consider the cases of the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the Commonwealth Games [June 2022]

The Homeless World Cup

Zoe Hopkins international partnership manager presents the Homeless World Cup [February 2022]

Towards a Welsh Sports Diplomacy Strategy - International Perspectives

Silvija Mitevska advisor to the Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia leads a panel of experts in discussion on the role of sport in international diplomacy and foreign affairs [4 August 2021]

Increasing Sport and Physical Activity Participation in Underserved Low Income Communities

Socio-Economic Groups Webinar hosted by Why Sports, Yvonne Harrison, Mark Lawrie, Cormac Whelan, Active Communities Experiences, Rachel Graham [5 May 2021]

UK Sports Diplomacy Post-Covid

Stuart MacDonald, Academy of Sport member, former senior civil servant, leads a discussion on the importance of sport as a soft power tool post-covid [6 October 2020]

Is Boxing like Hunting? Care and Ethics Among Boxers in Accra, Ghana

Leo Hopkinson, London School of Economics and Political Science [15 January 2020]

Football and Social Responsibility

Danny Bisland, Scottish Football Association, talks about the social value of football [20 March 2019]

An Anthropological Insight into Ethiopian Running

Dr Michael Crawley, University of Edinburgh explores Ethiopian Running Cultures [7 March 2019]

Optimizing Nutrition Through Exercise

Professor Jenna Gillen (UOT) leads experts on a discussion of the relationship between physical activity and nutrition and how to translate their research insights into practical strategies that could be used by anyone to improve their health [5 March 2019]

Network Analysis and Football Research

Dr Paul Widdop using social network analysis to analyse football networks [19 February 2019]

Safeguarding Children, Sport and Human Rights

Liz Twyford exploring the work of UNICEF [7 February 2019]

Sport and Alcohol: Tensions, Contradictions and Solutions

Professor Wray Vamplew critically examines the relationship between sport and alcohol [6 December 2018]

Digital transformation for data and insight: A case study of the Football Foundation

Preeti Shetty talks about the Football Foundation case study [6 November 2018]

Fresh Winds of Equity in Sport

Professor Bruce Kidd, University of Toronto Principal, Olympian and political activist reflects upon decades of fighting for equity in and through sport [5 June 2018]

Football, Diversity and Inclusion

Hala Ousta, Scottish Football Association (SFA) Equity and Diversity Manager talks about equality and diversity in Scottish Football [15 March 2018]

Mobilizing Change

The symposium focused on the importance of accessibility in sport and recreation, as well as the significance of physical activity across the lifespan [1 March 2018]

The Future of Sport and Leisure Services in Scotland

Anthony Mcreavy considers the future of public sport and leisure services [30 November 2017]

Innovation and Impact within Sport for Development

Richard Loat from Comic Relief providing and insight into innovation and impact in the sport for development field [11 October 2017]

Sport for Change

Linda McDonald talks about the Robertson trust Sport for Change research and opportunities [13 September 2017]

What are the Politics of Sports Protests in Trump America?

Professor Lucia Trimbur form City University of New York addresses the politics of sports protests in the United States of America since the change of President [26 July 2017]

Sustainable Development Goals In Sport

Oliver Dudfield from the Commonwealth Secretariat explains and critically evaluates the research evidence supporting the part that sport can play in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Translating active living into policy and practice: one important pathway to chronic disease prevention

Professor Billie Giles-Corti, University of Melbourne, NHMRC Centre or Research Excellence in Healthy Liveable Communities. [26 October 2016]

From good to gold: Science and technology in high performance sport

Presentations include real-time interactive demonstrations with high-performance athletes. Professors Wells, Welsh, Tamminen and Beach explore science and technology in high performance sport. [May 2015]

Ex/Cancer: The benefits of exercise after a cancer diagnosis

Leading experts from the Faculty of kinesiology and physical education discussed the benefits of physical activity – offering evidence-based strategies to start and stick with manageable exercise programs.

Sport for Peace interventions in the Middle East

Dr Joel Rookwood, School of Sport, Health and Social Sciences, Southhampton Solent University

Training for excellence: The application for perceptual-motor learning strategies

Dr Raôul Oudejans, (Associate) Professor Learning and Performing in Sports, Department of Human Movement Sciences, VU Amsterdam and Department of Sports and Nutrition, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Sport, Sex and Identity

Professors Margaret MacNeill, Michael Atkinson, Caroline Fusco and Bruce Kidd

Football and the Western Isles: Point Football Club

Professor Matthew MacIver, CBE - Football and the Western Isles: Point Football Club

International football governance

SFA Chief Executive Stewart Regan speaks about International football governance

World Anti-Doping Agency

Sir Craig Reedie CBE - President, World Anti-Doping Agency & IOC Vice President

Gender equality, gender audits and olympic games

Professor Peter Donnelly from the University of Toronto

Multiculturism and physical culture

Peter Donnelly - Multiculturism and Physical Culture: The case of the GTA

Play the game 2013

Peter Donnelly - Play the Game 2013: Global sports governance, challenges and alternatives

Sport participation in Canada

Peter Donnelly - Sport Participation in Canada

The para-athlete

The Para-Athlete Peter Van de Vliet, PhD PT


Professor Jo Salmon - Encouraging less sitting & more 'walkabout': An Australian perspective on physical activity promotion

Canadian sport policy

SCRI Peter Donnelly - Canadian Sport Policy Renewal Workshop

Is anyone listening?

SCRI Professor Bruce Kidd - Is Anyone Listening - The challenge of Research for Canadian Sport Policy

Physical activity & educational attainment

Physical activity interventions are a focus of Dr Josie Booth's work and in this lecture she explores the relationship between physical activity and educational attainment.

New heights in human performance

The event featured Professors Heather Carnahan, Tim Welsh, and Luc Tremblay along with gold medal Olympian Rosie MacLennan.

Sport as cultural diplomacy

Dr Simon Rofe from SOAS, University of London, talks about the ways in which sport can be used to influence acts of cultural diplomacy. The research draws upon a case study of Manchester United Football Club.

Violence, abuse & young athletes

The event featured speakers Dr Doug Richards, Dr Gretchen Kerr and Scott Russell from CBC Sports and Steve Paikin of TVO's The Agenda as the moderator.

Head injuries and concussion in sport

Dr James Robson, medical advisor to the Scottish Rugby Union, talks about increasing rates of concussion in sport and some of the reasons for this trend.

Extreme environments, extraordinary feats

Human physiologist, professor and CTV sport science analyst Professor Greg Wells moderates the discussion about the body in extreme conditions.

The role of the senior civil servant

Francesca Osowska, senior civil servant with the Scottish Government talks about her role in delivering her portfolio of responsibilities in her lecture: 'The Role of the Senior Civil Servant in delivering Sport, Physical Activity and the 2014 Commonwealth Games'.

Physical activity: the best medicine?

Faculty experts and keynote speaker André Picard led discussions about physical activity for prevention.

Sport: more than just a game

Details of Professor Grant Jarvie's inaugural lecture.

The Olympic athlete

Speakers shared the concept of whole athlete development as a common theme.

Why we should sit less and walk more

Details of Professor Nanette Mutrie's inaugural lecture.