Academy of Sport - Acadamaidh Spòrs Oilthigh Dhùn Èideann

Senior Vice-Principal's message

Welcome to the Academy of Sport at the University of Edinburgh.

The Academy’s fundamental aim is to establish a gathering place for the worlds of sport to meet in order to make a difference today.


Welcome to the Academy of Sport, the University of Edinburgh's interface between the academy and the professional worlds of sport across the globe.

The primary mission of the Academy is simple: to establish a gathering place for the worlds of sport to meet in order to make a difference today.

The Academy believes that sport is a great way to reach out to communities, build excellence, influence the world we live in and provide a gathering place for students, staff, communities and sporting organizations of the world to meet, develop, excel and advocate for and through sport.

The Academy builds on the best of Edinburgh as the location of one of the world's top 20 universities, the seat of Scotland's government and a history of sporting enlightenment that dates back to at least 1591.

Governments may change, policies may change but the need and opportunity for sport and education to make a difference may never have been greater.

As one of the world’s first independent dedicated think tanks on sport the Academy builds upon three pillars of activity, impact, study and dialogue.

Our Master of Sports Policy, Management and International Development seeks to engage with both today and tomorrow’s leaders in order to learn from their expertise but also equip them to use sport in the search for solutions to pressing challenges and issues.

Football: more than a game, our on-line course invites people from all over the world to access staff at the University of Edinburgh but also a wide range of experts and professionals.

Our commitment to forging the link between independent sports research, education and advocacy and opening up an honest, open, safe space for dialogue provides for the opportunity to gather in order to make a difference.

I hope you will join us.

Professor Charlie Jeffery

Senior Vice-Principal, University of Edinburgh

Professor Grant Jarvie

Founding Director of the Academy of Sport