Moray House School of Education and Sport

Programme Delivery 2021/22

Key information for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students at the Moray House School of Education and Sport (MHSES) in the 2021/22 academic year. This information is not for our online only students who should refer to their programme specific pages and updates.

Here in Moray House School of Education and Sport, our plan is to deliver a mix of on-campus and digital teaching for AY 21-22, with the expectation that all students will be in Edinburgh. 

Following a year of disruption and uncertainty, we are aware that all our students, new and returning, are eager to understand what learning and teaching, and the campus experience may be like for AY 21/22.  

Our current planning is outlined below, and is based on the information that we have at present, and current optimism following the UK vaccination programme for Covid-19. Please rest assured that the health and safety of our staff and students has been, and will remain, our utmost priority. We continue to monitor government guidance on Covid-19 prevention measures and we will adjust our 2021-22 plans in response to any relevant changes.  We will continue to seek to provide the best learning and teaching experience for all our students and will endeavour to keep you informed as soon as new or updated information becomes available. 

Further programme level information will be available to you from the programme director in due course via email.  

A mix of on-campus and digital learning and teaching   

The information below is specific to the Moray House School of Education and on campus programmes. If you are planning to take courses delivered by another School please ensure you refer to the latest information from that  School.  

We are currently making plans for Semester 1 to adapt to Covid restrictions, and the resulting smaller class size and impact to the overall capacity of our campus, to ensure that you have the best possible learning and overall experience with us. This will be achieved through a combination of on-campus and digital learning. At present, we are expecting that you will have some on-campus learning for at least two core courses on your programme.  

We expect large lectures to be delivered digitally, and on-campus teaching to consist of small group teaching (most classes fewer than 30 students); this may include tutorials, workshops or practicals. The approaches taken will however depend on the pedagogical methods (type of teaching) that will optimise your learning experience whilst taking into account physical distancing and safety procedures. In some circumstances there may be students learning in-person and digitally at the same time and some courses will be entirely online. All of our digital delivery will be informed by our expertise in digital education and build on the best practice and lessons we have learnt over the last 12 months based on feedback from our students and staff. 

Dependent on your programme of study, the amount and context of on-campus teaching you will receive may vary.   

Learning digitally 

You may be engaging with lecture material either via pre-recorded or via live online lectures. They will be supplemented by additional material you can work through in your own time, and aligned with small class tutorials, workshops or practical teaching. The latter, when delivered digitally, might involve you joining a group session online and live or in your own time, and consist of a range of activities and opportunities to engage with your learning community. Online learning is supported by our virtual learning environment, Learn, and the University’s supported virtual classroom Blackboard collaborate or equivalent.

About Learn

Blackboard Collaborate: Supported virtual classroom


Libraries, and their associated services and resources, will be an important part of your Programme. As well as offering support to your studies, our libraries offer student study spaces. Our expectation is that as Scottish Government policies relax, we will again be able to offer a comprehensive and engaging range of on-campus library access and services in 2021-22, but with the added benefits gained from our improved and expanded digital provisions.    

Please see Library Services for current service updates. 


For nearly all courses, assessment during Semester 1 will be submitted digitally through Learn. This might be in the form of essays, reports, recorded video presentations, reflective journals, multiple-choice tests, or other forms of assessment. More information will be available via your programme team in due course.  

Initial teacher education placements  

At present, based on current guidance from the General Teaching Council Scotland, we anticipate placements for initial teacher education to go ahead after the October holidays, commencing 25th October (this does not apply to placements for MA Primary Gaelic Yr 3 which will commence placement earlier in the year). Specific information about the planned school experience will be shared at programme level in due course.  

Student Independent Study  

It is important to remember, regardless of method of delivery, the majority of hours for the courses you take is assigned to independent study. This has not changed. You are required to do self-directed research and reading, and preparation and writing of assessments.  

The courses you study will have a weekly structure with content you are required to engage with. There is some very useful guidance on how to study from the Institute for Academic Development.  

Online Learning programmes 

Our MSc Digital Education (online) and MSc Social Justice and Community Action (online) are entirely online degrees. The content and structure of these programmes are unaffected by physical distancing restrictions. The courses on offer are the same as we had always planned for and the structure of these programmes remains unchanged.