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Webinar - Children and Young people's participation is not a project, it's a right!

We are delighted to offer a new webinar on legal decisions about child contact in the context of domestic violence.

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Monday 2 November 2.00 - 4.00pm GMT

This free webinar shares how children and young people can contribute to legal decisions about child contact, in the context of domestic violence. Based on the 5 country project Improving Justice in Child Contact, the webinar will present and discuss how children and young people, who have experienced domestic violence, can provide their opinions and knowledge to improve systems and processes. 

Guest speakers from Portugal and Scotland will present, including young people who have engaged in the IJCC participation projects.

The webinar will be presented in English, with discussion groups available in English, Bulgarian, Greek, Portuguese, and Romanian. 

This webinar will interest people who work directly with children and young people who experience domestic violence

  • in a legal context (public prosecutors, judges, lawyers)
  • in social services (support centres for victims of domestic violence, shelters, supervised visits' centres, support teams to the courts, local committees for protection of children and young people's rights)
  • in Children’s and Women’s Rights sectors and those who work with women and their children. 

The seminar will be pertinent to those who work in the children and young people’s participation field.

Details about the webinar

Date: Monday 2 November

Time: 2.00 - 4.00pm GMT

Cost: FREE

Each country partner will facilitate a discussion group, providing an opportunity to discuss the presentations and project within each country’s context (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Portugal and Romania). Two discussion groups will be held in the English language: Sue McKellar’s discussion group will consider the practical tools used to work with a young expert group in face-to-face and online sessions; and Dr Marsha Scott’s discussion group will address the impact a young expert group has had on domestic abuse and children’s rights policy in Scotland. 

Please fill in the booking form below to request a place. Please note that we have a waiting list for this event and filling in the booking form does not guarantee a place. We will confirm your place in due course.  

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