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Principal teacher: leadership of learning - follow up course

This course has been designed as a follow up to the Principal teacher: leadership of learning course.

Leadership for learning - sharing impact and challenges of change – challenges explored through group coaching

The sessions will be interactive. Participants from the previous Principal Teacher: Leadership of learning courses will have the opportunity to learn more from the presenter about leadership of learning, and to share the progress and impact of their change initiative identified on their previous leadership of learning course. Any challenges faced will be explored using a group coaching model which uses the skills of questioning by the group to give the person being coached new ways of thinking about their challenges, resulting in potential ways forward, with the focus on impact and positive benefits for learners.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Gain a greater depth of knowledge and understanding about leadership of learning and transformational change, including ‘measuring’ for success;
  • Share findings from the change that has been tried out;
  • Learn new ideas from the sharing practice session;
  • Exchange knowledge and experiences as a leader of learning;
  • Gain an understanding of the benefits of coaching and the skills required for effective coaching;
  • Experience and learn about group coaching;
  • Share challenges experienced in leading change initiatives through group coaching;
  • Experience new ways of deepening insight about leading learning through coaching.  

Throughout the sessions, there will be opportunities to work with fellow participants, and for discussion: sharing knowledge, practice, challenges and opportunities as well as creating new knowledge and skills. 

Who this course is for?

The workshop has been designed to complement previous Principal Teacher: Leadership of learning courses.

Key words/concepts:

Leadership, learning, teaching, assessment, attainment and achievement, collaboration, culture, motivation, professional learning, community, challenges, improvement, process of change, self-evaluation, analysis, coaching, insightful questioning, listening.

About the facilitator:

Dr Val Corry, who was a successful secondary Head Teacher, will lead the course. As well as delivering courses on leadership, strategic planning and transformational change, raising attainment, building resilience, parental engagement and professional coaching, Val works with leaders in schools to enhance professional learning, within the context of each school’s improvement journey, with the focus on positive outcomes and impact for learners.  Val was the Programme Leader and a tutor for the Post Graduate Certificate in Middle Leadership and Management at the University of Glasgow, and a tutor on the Into Headship course running at the University of Glasgow. Val was part of a small group seconded to work with the Scottish Government on behalf of the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning to give advice on raising attainment, and has worked with the Scottish Government and Education Scotland as a Professional Advisor with a focus on raising attainment and reducing inequity.  She has also worked with Children in Scotland, on behalf of Scottish Government, Education Scotland and National Parent Forum Scotland, on parental engagement and continues to work with Children in Scotland on parental engagement.

Val works as a practice adviser and a registered facilitator for International Futures Forum (IFF). She strongly advocates the IFF method which is very much about providing ‘effective space for co-learning’, recognising that we are all learners, where ‘different perspectives, different thinking modes and disciplines, different value sets are shared, engaged with and explored rather than immediately challenged. The result is that diversity and deep expertise become a strength and source of insight’. The thinking and learning models and tools provided by the IFF method facilitate conversations that lead to co-created joint action.

International Futures Forum (IFF) Method

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Principal teacher: leadership of learning - follow up course

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