Moray House School of Education and Sport

Master’s dissertation research in partnership with the City of Edinburgh

During the 2017-18 academic year, Masters students conducted research by working with City of Edinburgh colleagues and helping them generate data on issues such as literacy and parental engagement that the service  would find useful.

Collaborative research

These research projects formed the students’ master’s dissertations. The Local Authority received copies of all the final dissertations along with an Executive Summary.

The topics explored included the following: 

  • “The Transferability of Writing of Secondary School Pupils across Disciplines in Scotland” by Catherine Geng
  • “Parents’ and Schools’ Experiences of Parental Engagement for Children with Profound and Complex Additional Support Needs” by Yuanyi Lu
  • “Early career (EC) primary teachers’ confidence in teaching writing” by Yiwen Xu
  • “Too Young to Write? A Case Study of Teachers’ and Parents’ Perspectives in One Primary School in Edinburgh” by Xinru Yu
  • “Parental engagement of Chinese parents in Scottish educational setting” by Xin Chen
  • “Cultural Differences in Parental Engagement” by Nan Yang
  • “Preparing Parents for School” by Yunqing Kang
  • “Supporting Children’s Schooling as a Non-Native Speaker” by Erin Cahill and Mengyan Lin
  • “What Do We Know about Secondary School Libraries?” by Chris Davies
  • “Evaluation of ‘Talk for Writing’” by Linxi Tang 

Other collaborative projects

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