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Look Up!

Learn about fun activities you can do with your child to enhance their learning relating to the Read, Write, Count P3 book Look Up!

child wearing the helmet they made

Watch Look Up! read aloud

Look Up! (by Nathan Bryon and illustrated by Dapo Adeola) was gifted to every Primary 3 child in Scotland this year in the Read Write Count Primary 3 bag.

We encourage you to read this book with your child or children before beginning the activities together. If you prefer, you can watch a video reading from the Scottish Book Trust.

Watch the video reading of Look Up!

Creative activities

We hope families and children will enjoy watching the videos and spending time together. There are a range of creative ideas to participate in. The fun activities complement and enhance the opportunities for family learning from the book Look Up!

These activities have been created for parents and children to do together. Some of these activities involve using scissors, so please make sure children are supervised to use them safely or have an adult help.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about the P3 Bag Unpacked videos. What will YOU make? Please send in photographs of your creations, following the guidance on our Feedback page (see the bottom of this page for more). We’d love to see your photos and comments, and we will share some in our Family Learning Gallery.

Making the Rocket was exciting. We really did enjoy making the rocket so much so that my son wrote a story, and we got a little bit creative.

- Dad, Preston Street Primary School

Make a bottle rocket ship

In these activities, you will enjoy making your bottle rocket together:

  • remember to draw a picture of yourself in the rocket
  • share where will you travel in your rocket
  • discuss how far you will go
  • watch the video Launch your Bottle Rocket Ship (below) too!
Video: Make a Bottle Rocket Ship
Look Up! RWC Bag Unpacked

Materials you will need: 

  • scissors
  • sellotape
  • glue stick
  • pencils and pens
  • a clear, plastic bottle
  • light card (cereal box or similar)
  • coloured paper (old magazine pages are good)

Launch your bottle rocket ship

In this activity, you will launch the bottle rocket ship you made (see the video above!).

Video: Rocket Ship Launching
Measuring the flight of the Rocket Ship Game

Urban spacefolk reach for the skies

We had lots of laughs doing this activity. We found that we could buy an inexpensive Rockit kit to blast our rocket into the sky. It was a great fun. We measured the length that the rocket travelled in one-meter steps. Can you see us counting? Did you see the birds in the sky watching us too?

Why not use your RWC measuring tape to calculate the distance that your rocket can fly and write it in your notebook?

Video: Urban Spacefolk Reach for the Skies
Urban Spacefolk Bottle Rocket Launching with STEAM

Materials you will need:

  • a big empty park so that the rocket doesn’t land in someone’s garden!
  • the rockit kit, your bottle rocket, a notebook and a pencil
  • a sense of humour and some energy would be good
  • P.S. look out for dogs that might want to help!

Make an astronaut's helmet

In these activities, you can make and wear your own astronaut helmet for a trip to your favourite planet. You could write a story together: if you could travel into outer space…

  • which planet would you like to visit?
  • what would you hope to find there?
  • who would you meet?
  • what would you tell them about our planet Earth?
Video: Make an Astronaut's Helmet
Make an Astronaut’s Helmet

Materials you will need: 

  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • sellotape
  • a round plate
  • pencils and pens
  • a large, white envelope or paper bag
  • coloured paper (old magazine pages are good)

Make a telescope

In these activities, you will look at the constellations in the night’s sky:

  • learn three starry constellations
  • with your telescope, look for these constellations at night
  • admire the magnificent stars in a clear, dark sky
Video: 'Make a Telescope' video
'Make a Telescope' video. From Gale Macleod for MHSES website (PL pages)

Materials you will need: 

  • scissors
  • sellotape
  • glue stick
  • thin black card
  • pens and pencil
  • stapler, if you have it
  • old bicycle innertube, ribbon or similar
  • coloured paper (old magazine pages are good)
  • 2 or 3 sizes of carboard tubes (from a kitchen roll or loo roll)

Make a star gazer

Video: 'Make a Star Gazer ' video
'Make a Star Gazer ' video. From Gale Macleod for MHSES website (PL pages)



Please let us know what you think about the videos and creative ideas of activities for the Read, Write, Count P3 books by taking part in a brief questionnaire and/or sharing your photos.

Share your feedback

I would give a star rating for making rockets. That was fun. My children learned those names of different parts of a rocket, and more importantly they were eager to learn how to measure their own rocket and tried very hard to record their findings. Since they had no idea about the Imperial units, the exercise activated them to find out the story of the imperial units and the Metric system.


Our children tried to make a multifunction helmet by drawing things like an oxygen tube, a walkie-talkie, and a navigation computer. I wonder where they learn those things from? They also built a facial mask that matched their helmet by using plastic lids.


About the creator

Barbara Middleton, Artist and Family Learning Practitioner, has developed the creative activities and associated videos as part of the Moray House Read, Write, Count project.

I have really enjoyed making the short videos for you and I look forward to hearing how you have enjoyed trying out the ideas illustrated in them too!  There are quite a few videos to collect. Catch them all if you can.  All you will need is your P3 RWC Bag, time to spend together as a family, some everyday items that you may have around the house plus some sticky tape, glue and a good sense of humour.  Have fun!

Barbara Middleton (Artist and Family Learning Practitioner)

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