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As an extension of the national Read, Write, Count (RWC) campaign to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of Scotland’s children, the Moray House RWC Collaborative has been running since 2016, taking forward collaborative projects and new resources.

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The Moray House RWC Group brings together different groups (including Moray House students and staff; the Scottish Book Trust RWC team; and the City of Edinburgh Library Services, Psychological Services and Adult Learning teams) with a shared interest in closing the poverty-related attainment gap through promoting parental engagement with young people’s learning through various resources and projects.

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, parental engagement in supporting children and young people’s learning has been critical. We hope the resources and information shared in these webpages will support and engage both parents and children alike.


The Moray House RWC Group has been supporting families by developing new resources including videos to support children’s learning at home relating this year's Read, Write, Count Primary 3 book bags.

Parental involvement in children’s learning is one of the best ways to improve educational outcomes for all children. We hope these videos can inspire families to make the most of this valuable resource.

Dr Gale Macleod (Senior Lecturer)

Welcome to the Bag Unpacked video series

Video: Welcome to the Primary 3 Bag Unpacked video series
This video introduces the Read Write Count Primary 3 Back Unpacked video series

What's in your bag?

Video: What’s in the Bag? RWC P3 Bag Unpacked
An introduction to the contents in the P3 RWC Bag

Watch the P3 bag unpacked videos and take part in the activities

Watch the videos sharing ideas of activities for families to take part in together to advance children's learning from the two Primary 3 Read, Write, Count books: 

Explore the videos and activities for Look Up!

Explore the videos and activities for Wow! Animals 

I would welcome everyone to engage with the Read Write Count P3 Bag Unpacked videos. The illustrative videos invite you to try out some enjoyable activities and games together with your child.  I have made these to complement the two books and other useful items in your child’s brilliant RWC bag, gifted from the Scottish Book Trust to every P3 pupil in Scotland.  They will show you both playful ideas to try out at home using all of the items in your P3 RWC Bag.

Barbara Middleton (Artist and Family Learning Practitioner)

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Please let us know what you think about the videos and creative ideas of activities for the Read, Write, Count P3 books.

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Previous collaborative projects

Each year the RWC group identifies a new area to address through a collaborative project. Past projects have included:

Read, Write, Count resources from the Scottish Book Trust

Learn more about the Scottish Book Trust’s work supporting RWC:

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Barbara Middleton has developed the videos and RWC activities for families and children, and she has been a key partner in the Moray House RWC Collaborative's work.

Dr Gale McLeod has been the academic lead at Moray House School of Education and Sport who has been spearheading the work of this group.

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