Moray House School of Education and Sport

Team sports and strength training courses

We offer 4 programmes focused on nutrition: training for team sports, workload and injury in team sports, team sports physician essential concepts, and strength training: from rehabilitation to performance.

Each certificate takes 16 weeks to complete and is made up of 4 one-month courses.  The start date is the 10th of every month.
For detailed information on the courses' structure, please visit our FAQ page

Certificate in training for team sports

FC Barca Training for Team Sports
Learn about the aspects involved in the development of a team sports’ training program.

Certificate in workload and injury in team sports

FC Barca Workload and Injury in Team Sports
Develop the capacity to efficiently manage load monitoring data with the objective of preventing soft tissue injuries.

Certificate in team sports physician essential concepts

FC Barca Team Sports Physician Essential Concepts
Develop essential concepts intrinsic to team sports medicine. This certificate does not provide accreditation for the professional practice of sports medicine.

Certificate in strength training: from rehabilitation to performance

Certificate in Strength Training
Deepen your knowledge of two professional sports science profiles: the Strength and Conditioning Coach and the Return-to-Play Coach.
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