Moray House School of Education and Sport

Sport psychology courses

We offer 3 programmes focused on sport psychology: sport psychology for athletes' development, psychology for high performance sports, and neuroscience and training.

Each certificate takes 16 weeks to complete and is made up of 4 one-month courses.  The start date is the 10th of every month.
For detailed information on the courses' structure, please visit our FAQ page

Certificate in sport psychology for athletes' development

Develop and drive competencies that better support high-level athletes with achieving the highest performance in all areas

Certificate in psychology for high performance sports

FC Barca Certificate Psychology High Performance Sports
Learn concrete actions that favor the management of people and squads, enhancing the leader’s influence in various high performance teams

Certificate in neuroscience and training

FC Barca Certificate in Neuroscience and Training
Learn to examine the roles and relationships within managerial roles associated with major soccer club administration.
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