Moray House School of Education and Sport

Short courses

We offer 3 short courses: current issues in sports governance leadership, leadership, ethics and social responsibility and basic elements of sports law

Each course takes 4 weeks to complete and is made up of 4 one-week modules.  The start date is the 10th of every month.
For detailed information on the courses' structure, please visit our FAQ page

Current issues in sports governance

FC Barca Leadership Course Image
Understand key elements of the governance of sport: institutions, expertise, accountability and transparency

Leadership, ethics and social responsibility

FC Barca - Leadership, Ethics and Social Responsibility Image
Explore the manner in which business leaders in sports and entertainment deal with ethical issues as they guide organizations to prioritize the “common good” for social and market impact

Basic elements of sports law

To arm sports business negotiators with basic legal principles that will result in a more favourable business outcome.