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Certificate in sports nutrition

Acquire knowledge of sports nutrition and its practical applications to make decisions in search of the best sports performance

Course Summary

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The influence that nutrition has on physical performance and individuals’ body composition is a matter of public knowledge. In fact, we hear about a huge number of professional athletes that owe their increased performance to radical changes in diet.

The ingredients that make up athletes’ diets determine the quality of their movements. When we talk about diet or food in the context of sports, we also make references to athletic supplements and hydration. These are all key components when it comes to increasing or maintaining our physical performance.

In this educational program you will learn about the effects that foods and athletic supplements produce in the body. The objective is for you to optimize the selection of dietary components when it comes time to maximize physical performance.

Expert advisor for this certificate:

Antonia Lizárraga, Head of FC Barcelona’s Sports Nutrition Area.


Lic. Facundo Ahumada, Endurance Athlete Trainer. Degree in Chemistry.

Lic. Adrián Barale, Sports Nutritionist. University teacher and researcher.

Lic. Luciano Spena, Sports Nutritionist. International Anthropometrist Level ISAK III.

Who is the Course for?

  • Professionals of health sciences related to sports.
  • Students and graduates of programs and careers related to sports, health and fitness.
  • Athletes, relatives of athletes, or any person linked to sports.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate effective and non-effective or dangerous substances in the formulations of nutritional supplements in order to use them optimally. 
  • Utilize your knowledge of sports nutrition, based on the demands and needs of different forms of physical activity. 
  • Design safe hydration strategies for before, during and after training and competitions. 
  • Create practical applications of the key concepts of body composition and somatype within nutrition and for physical performance.

Course Details

The Certificate is composed of four one-month, online courses. This Certificate is completed sequentially (the course is enabled and each course is completed over a month).

The four courses include:

1-Food and Athletic Performance

Module 1: Bioenergetics

  • Unit 1: Energy
  • Unit 2: Energy Needs of Athletes

Module 2: Food and Nutrition

  • Unit 1: Nutrients
  • Unit 2: Sports Nutrition

Module 3: Applied Sports Nutrition

  • Unit 1: Nutrition in Competition
  • Unit 2: Nutrition Applied to Different Sporting Specialties

Module 4: Integrative Reading

2-Supplementation and Ergogenic Aids in Sports

Module 1: Introductory Concepts

  • Unit 1: Classification of Nutritional Supplements
  • Unit 2: Nutrients

Module 2: Sports Foods

  • Unit 1: Sports Foods for Acute Use
  • Unit 2: Sports Foods for Chronic Use

Module 3: Ergogenic Aids

  • Unit 1: Ergogenic Aids of Acute or Instant Effects
  • Unit 2: Ergogenic Aids of Chronic Effect

Module 4: Integrative Reading

3-Sports Hydration

Module 1: Introductory Concepts

  • Unit 1: Water in the Human Body
  • Unit 2: Thermoregulation during Exercise

Module 2: Dehydration, Hyperthermia and Performance Loss: Traditional Approach

  • Unit 1: Predetermined Hydration
  • Unit 2: Topics of Interest

Module 3: Evidence-based Hydration: A Contemporary Approach

  • Unit 1: Voluntary or Ad-libitum Hydration
  • Unit 2: Practical Guidelines and Practices

Module 4: Integrative Reading

4-Body Composition, Somatotype and Athletic Performance

Module 1: Body Composition

  • Unit 1: Anthropometry
  • Unit 2: Other Methods for Determining Body Composition

Module 2: Body Composition, Athletic Performance and Nutrition

  • Unit 1: Components that may be Modified by Training or Diet
  • Unit 2: Body Composition and Athletic Performance by Race, Gender and Age Group

Module 3: Somatotype

  • Unit 1: Classification
  • Unit 2: Practical Applications of Somatotype

Module 4: Integrative Reading


  • World-class content, designed by experts and sports-industry oriented for an immediate impact
  • Round-the-clock access to study material, wherever you want and from any device
  • Custom feedback for every individual and teamwork activity
  • Spaces of discussion and interaction with industry professionals from all over the World
  • Certificate of participation for each course, issued by Barça Innovation Hub - Universitas. If you pass each of the courses that make up the program, and complete and pass the comprehensive final exam, you will also receive a verified certificate of completion for the entire program, with confirmation of identity, issued by Barça Innovation Hub - Universitas.

Course Booking Information

The fee for this professional learning four-month course is £625.

A 10% discount is offered to University of Edinburgh currently matriculated students and staff. To receive the discount code, please email (please note you will be asked for your student matriculation number or staff UUN).

Please note the course starts the 10th of every month and registration and payment are due by the 30th of previous month.

Register and pay for this online course using ePay

Please note, cancellations made less than 4 weeks before the course start are liable for the full amount, though we are happy to modify the start date or accept substitute delegates if notified in writing. Those who do not complete participation are still liable for the full fee.

Further Information

General information and FAQ

If you have any questions about this course, please contact Steph Donneadieu at or 0131 651 6365 

This course is offered in partnership with The Academy of Sport (University of Edinburgh) and the Barça Innovation Hub.

Please note that participants can not currently earn University of Edinburgh academic credit for these courses and certificates, but on successful completion they will receive a digital certificate of completion.

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