Moray House School of Education and Sport

Nutrition courses

We offer 3 programmes focused on nutrition: sports nutrition, advanced sports nutrition, and sports nutrition for football.

Each certificate takes 16 weeks to complete and is made up of 4 one-month courses.  The start date is the 10th of every month.
For detailed information on the courses' structure, please visit our FAQ page

Certificate in sports nutrition

FC Barca Certificate in Sports Nutrition
Acquire knowledge of sports nutrition and its practical applications to make decisions in search of the best sports performance

Certificate in sports nutrition for football

FC Barca Certificate Sports Nutrition for Football
Achieve knowledge and understanding of player nutrition, energy balance, the effects of exercise on nutrient requirements, the effects of dehydration on the physiological responses to football exercise, and the place of dietary supplements in football

Certificate in advanced sports nutrition

FC Barca Certificate in Advanced Sports Nutrition
Build on existing sports nutrition knowledge and discuss the latest in sports nutrition science and how this is applied in elite level sport. Practices as used by FCB is shared to illustrate the application of science in daily practice.
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