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General information and FAQ

General Information and frequently asked questions about the online sport courses facilitated through FC Barcelona- Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas

The University of Edinburgh is delighted to work in partnership with the Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas to offer a wide range of online professional learning opportunities. These extracurricular courses and certificates are facilitated by industry experts working with FC Barcelona.

Benefits/ Why choose Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas courses? 

  • Learn from world-class content, designed by experts and sports-industry professionals oriented for an immediate impact
  • Access round-the-clock to study material, wherever you want and from any device
  • Gain custom feedback for every individual and teamwork activity
  • Interact in discussion forums with industry professionals from all over the world
  • Earn a certificate of participation for each course, issued by the Barça Innovation Hub - Universitas. If you pass each of the courses that make up the program, and complete and pass the comprehensive final exam, you will also receive a verified certificate of completion for the entire program, with confirmation of identity, issued by Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas.

Quotations from previous participants

Taking a course with FC Barcelona exposed me to industry experts and helped me to learn first-hand knowledge from the sports industry. The case studies looking at primary documents were engaging. I learned about sports law through reviewing real players’ contracts and discussing them with other participants from across globe.

From my work as a sport scientist and my PhD research, I always want to learn more about workload monitoring and player profiling. I have read most scientific articles about the subject, but the course helps me know more about hands-on, practical use on day-to-day basis.


Professional Learning Offerings with the Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas

3 online courses: each course takes 4 weeks to complete  

15 online Certificates

The following certificate takes 12 weeks to complete (3 one-month courses composed of four modules each)

Barça Coach Academy

The following certificates takes 16 weeks to complete (4 one-month courses composed of four modules each)

Team Sports
Sport Psychology


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


1 - What is the time commitment you might expect per week for successful completion? 

Around 8 hours per week is recommended for participants to gain a deep understanding of the content. This includes not only reading the texts and watching videos from industry experts but also working on assignments and taking assessments. (see question 3 for more on how to pass a module). 


2 - What is the structure of the learning approach?  

Each Certificate consists of four courses. You will have access to one course at a time. Each course is one-month in length and is composed of four modules (we recommend that you study one module per week, although you have access to the four modules at the same time if you want to work ahead). 

Modules are composed of: 

  • One written document of around 25 pages of original content
  • Two videos where the expert develops topics of focus in the module with a more profound approach
  • One self-assessment of 10 multiple-choice questions (note that this test is not mandatory) 
  • One practical activity, which is mandatory 

Every 10th of the month one course closes and another one opens, therefore you will need to download the written content before that time. After that, you will not have access to the closed course, which is why you are required to submit the activities and take the final assessment before the course closes. 


3 - How do you pass a course?  

You need to submit four practical activities (one per module) which are graded by the industry expert. In addition, you are required to take one final assessment of 10 multiple-choice questions. The assessment grade and the four activities are combined and your final grade needs to be 70 or more to pass the course.


4 - What is the format of the comprehensive final exam for the certificate? 

Once you pass each of the four courses (earning a grade of 70 or more on each course – see question 3 for further details), you will have access to a final exam of the full programme. This consists of 10 multiple choice questions. If you pass this last exam, you will earn a Certificate of Completion. Otherwise, you will receive a Certificate of Participation. 


5 - Is there any expectation of team work or team assessments? 

So far, every assignment inside the programme is individual. Nevertheless, there is a discussion area on the platform where participants can interact with each other. 


6 - Can I earn credit from the University of Edinburgh for taking a Professional Learning course?

At this time, all Professional Learning courses are extracurricular and non-credit-bearing since they are facilitated by the Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas and are not yet credit-rated. Matriculated students are eligible for a discount (see question 7 below), and participation in these online learning opportunities provide added value with access to join international experts and cohorts of participants from around the world in online learning communities in addition to your studies. There are also opportunities to benefit from the wider FC Barcelona partnership with the University of Edinburgh’s Academy of Sport supporting research and innovation in sport with further opportunities for students and staff alike.


7 - What is the discount for University of Edinburgh students and staff?

Matriculated students at the University of Edinburgh and staff are eligible for a 10% discount on the Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas courses and certificates. Please email from your University email address to gain access to the discount code before proceeding to register and submit payment via ePay.  


8 - Do you offer bulk bookings?

Organisations can request bulk bookings by sending a list of participants' names (first and last), their email addresses, the details of the certificate(s) participants would like to be enrolled on, and the start date(s) (the 10th of any calendar month). This should be emailed to and we can generate an invoice for the bulk booking when you confirm the information above and provide us with a purchase order number. We offer the following discounts:

  • 20-49 certificates receive a 5% discount
  • 50-99 certificates receive a 10% discount
  • 100-149 certificates receive a 15% discount
  • 150+ certificates receive a 20% discount


9 - What are the roles of the University of Edinburgh and the Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas in the partnership, and where do I ask questions?

The University of Edinburgh’s Professional Learning team support your enrolment on the online courses. You can contact us at with any questions ahead of starting on the courses or certificates.  The Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas is responsible for facilitating your online learning experience, and the industry expert leading your courses are on hand to answer questions related to the course content, assessment, or any technical issues throughout your courses. You can communicate with them via the inbox inside the virtual learning environment platform once you are enrolled.

Videos on the work of the Barça Innovation Hub