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Supporting Teacher Learning in and through Practice (STLitP)

The STLitP course is a professional development opportunity for teacher mentors in schools.

The STLitP course is a professional development opportunity for teacher mentors in schools, which will at the same time provide a focus for enhancing the shared understanding of school and university colleagues around how teachers learn. Importantly, this course has been designed, and is delivered, in partnership. 

Why have we developed the STLitP course?

The STLitP course was developed in the first instance to support teachers who were working with our very first cohort of Year 3 'MA Primary with...' students who were undertaking the year-long ‘professional experience and practice’. In 2017 we introduced another new ITE programme, the MSc in Transformative Learning and Teaching, and the STLitP course now supports teacher mentors and cluster tutors in this programme too.  These two ITE programmes offer unique forms of site-based learning for student teachers, and we are very excited about the huge advantages of these new approaches to teacher education. We are equally aware that these different approaches to site-based learning bring about different ways of working for the teachers in schools who support the student teachers on both of these programmes. In recognition of this, and in order to enhance joint working between university and school colleagues, we have developed the STLitP course for teacher mentors/cluster tutors to allow them to engage in collaborative professional development related to this role. 

What will the course focus on?

Through engagement in the course, participants will:

  1. engage with cutting edge research on how teachers learn
  2. critically consider the nature of teacher learning within current policy contexts
  3. reflect critically upon teacher learning in and through engagement with coaching and mentoring approaches
  4. apply, and reflect upon the impact of, principles and practices of supporting teacher learning
  5. contribute to the development of a sustainable professional network for supporting teacher learning

Who is the course for?

The course is for all teachers appointed to the ‘cluster tutor’ role in the MSc in Transformative Learning and Teaching, as well as teacher mentors who expect/hope to be supporting a MSc in Transformative Learning and Teaching student, in session 2021/22.

How is the STLitP course organised?

This Masters-level CLPL course involves 24 hours of face-to-face contact, through a mix of university-based and local authority-based sessions. University sessions will run on Saturday mornings and local authority sessions will run as twilight sessions. The course starts late January 2022, and the bulk of the course will run between January and June 2022, ensuring that participants feel well prepared to support students who will arrive in their schools in August/September 2022. During session 21/22 there will be a recall session to discuss issues as the year progresses, as well as the final poster showcase session where participants share their learning journeys across the course as a whole.

What are the benefits of the course?

The course will support teachers in the very immediate role of supporting our MA year 3  and our MSc students’ learning in practice, but will also provide a secure base for developing expertise in supporting colleagues’ professional learning more widely, i.e. not just student teachers. The course has GTCS Professional Recognition which is awarded on successful completion of the course assessment – a poster presentation at the learning journey showcase in January 2020. Although the STLitP course is not currently accredited, it is calibrated at Masters-level thereby providing a good introduction to teachers returning to academic study, or as the basis of an APL claim for those interested in undertaking further Masters study.

What will be expected of me if I sign up for the course?

As the course is funded through the University of Edinburgh Teacher Education Partnership, once you have been offered a place you will be expected to participate in all the face-to-face sessions, some of which will require some pre-reading or other school-based preparatory tasks. There is no formal assessment, with the requirements for GTCS Professional Recognition being built into the course-work. Should you wish to engage in more systematic Masters level study in order to put together a claim for the award of credit, then further guidance can be given about how best to do this.  

How do I sign up?

To apply for the course please complete the online application form to register your interest in participating.

Online application form

Want to know more?

Contact Dr ML White, STLitP Course Organiser: or MSc Transformative Learning and Teaching programme secretary: