Moray House School of Education and Sport

Local Authorities and members

Details of local authority partnerships with Moray House and the members of the Teacher Education Partnership Steering Group

The Moray House School of Education and its local authority partners aim to work productively together to provide a rich and innovative professional learning experience for teachers.

The School has long-standing partnerships with a wide range of local authorities and has established closer collaborative partnership working with their representatives:

Other key members

Other key members of the Teacher Education Partnership Steering Group include:

  • The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) (Alison Murphy -
  • Education Scotland (TBC)

Additional members of the Steering Group from the University of Edinburgh include:

  • Rosa Murray ( - Deputy Director Teacher Education (Early Phase Partnership)
  • Dr Zoè Robertson ( - Director of Teacher Education and Partnerships
  • Rosemary Grady ( - University lead for MLPG 
  • Steph Donneadieu ( - Partnership coordination and administrative support

Key principles

In order to enhance and assure the quality of professional learning experiences within Teacher Education Partnerships across the continuum of teacher professional learning, a set of key principles was agreed and signed by Senior Executives with responsibility for Education in each of the partner authorities and by the Head of the School of Education. The key principles are outlined in the following document.

The partnership aims to build on mutual expertise and experience to provide opportunities and support to embed life-long professional learning focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for children and young people.