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World Gaelic Week │Seachdain Na Gàidhlig

This year’s World Gaelic Week runs February 19-25. Find out how you can participate and learn more about the native Scottish language.

World Gaelic Week

World Gaelic Week is an exciting initiative aimed at promoting the use of the Gaelic language and its presence within our communities by raising awareness about the language. Gaelic is an integral part of Scottish culture, identity and heritage. Throughout the week, you can take part in activities online or near you and learn more about this native language. 

Investment and implementation

The Scottish Government implemented the Gaelic Language Board, Bòrd na Gàidhlig, as a result of The Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act of 2005. From here, the Scottish Government has taken steps to help the language thrive, encouraging people to use and learn Gaelic by implementing language plans and investing to preserve the language from digital extinction.

Experts from the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow were awarded £225,000 by the Scottish Government to  create a Gaelic subtitling system that can be used by the BBC. This funding will also allow the team to build a larger-scale language model for Scottish Gaelic speakers and provide adequate language technology to support Scottish Gaelic and its speakers in the face of evolving digital communications. 

Gaelic at Moray House

Moray House contributes to Gaelic education by offering Primary Education in Gaelic, suitable for learners and fluent speakers. As part of this programme, students spend part of their studies on the idyllic Isle of Skye, immersing themselves in Scottish Gaelic while improving their language skills. We spoke with Fiona Bowie, a teaching fellow in Gaelic education, and asked a few questions about Gaelic:


Video: Fiona Bowie Gaelic Week
Fiona Bowie discussing hopes for Gaelic education, personal inspirations and places to celebrate the culture.

Happy Gaelic Week!

Take part in this year’s World Gaelic Week and try out a few words, attend an event, soak up some Gaelic culture, or take a look at the short courses offered through the Centre for Open Learning (COL) based at Holyrood campus. 

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