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Spotlight on staff: Dr Ashley Simpson

Dr Ashley Simpson was recently appointed co-Head of the Institute for Language Education and has answered some questions regarding his role at Moray House, current projects and Language education.

Recently appointed Co-Head Institute for Language Education, Dr Ashley Simpson specialises in Intercultural Education, Intercultural Communication, Critical Approaches to Democracy and Human Rights in Education, and Critical Studies in Education. Dr Simpson has a wealth of experience working within international higher education institutions across China, Finland and Russia – where he holds visiting academic positions.


What elements of Language Education are you most passionate about?

Most of my research has focused on Intercultural Communication Education. I have lived and worked in China, Finland and Russia, contexts and experiences that have shaped both me and how I position both my teaching and research. Working in different contexts (including the UK) has made me reflect critically upon situations of privilege and inequality in developing my critical approach to Intercultural Communication Education.


What projects or research are you working on now that you would like to share?

I am currently working on two pieces of conceptual research, namely, a monograph and a research article.  These pieces critique Language and Intercultural Communication through a materialist approach to political economy.


What makes you proud to be a member of the Moray House School of Education and Sport (MHSES) community?

I am proud to work at MHSES and to be associated with the wider academic community. There are some truly great colleagues across the School and within the Institute for Language Education (sorry I’m biased) who constantly enrich me as a person and as an academic every day.


Dr Ashley Simpson

Institute for Language Education

MSc Language and Intercultural Communication