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Raising the school starting age in Scotland

Dr Lynn McNair's published article Fertile and fruitful frisson. Raising the school starting age in Scotland

Did you know, in Scotland, the school starting age remains the same today as it did in the 19th century? With a single annual intake in August, children in Scotland can begin primary school at anywhere between 4.5 years and 5.5 years.  


Discussions on raising the School age in Scotland have started with Dr Lynn McNair recently publishing an article that draws on her Doctoral dissertation titled: Rules, rules, rules and we’re not allowed to skip: listening to children’s voices about the transition to Primary One (McNair, 2016). The dissertation shares data from interviews with parents about the age their child started school. This article ends by drawing from the Scottish Government’s vision to raise the school starting age to 6 years, rendering the earlier age of 4.5 years, redundant. 


You can read the full published article here.

Dr Lynn McNair