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Growing support from fans for the Scottish women’s national football team

The Academy of Sport (AoS) conducted new research to gather information about fan engagement within the Scottish national women’s team (SWNT).

A recent study into the Scottish women's national football team (SWNT) fan engagement has produced evidence that confirms an increased positive attitude towards women’s football in Scotland.


The findings from the research reveal the importance of Hampden and SWNT for Scotland, with 86% seeing the SWNT as extremely important for the country and 75% finding the experience of the matches inclusive and accessible. The findings highlight that fans find spending time with friends and family at  football matches just as important as winning, with 79% saying that the SWNT plays an important role in the community.

This report is the seventh data-driven report from AOS supporting the football industry in Scotland, led by Professor Grant Jarvie.

It is great to be able to help support women’s football in Scotland and contribute to helping close the data gap between women's and men’s football – the capability building that we can bring to the sports industry is exciting. A lot of money is spent on gathering on-field data at the expense of off-field data gathering. The sports industry in Scotland can get better at understanding what fans actually want and it is great to be able to help.

Professor Grant JarvieProfessor and Director, Chair of Sport, Moray House School of Education and Sport

It’s fantastic to have a study like this which provides great insight into what fans enjoy and want from their supporter experience. We’ve been working extremely hard on providing a memorable match day experience for fans of SWNT which has resulted in back-to-back record crowds for competitive games and hopefully a lifelong affiliation with the women’s national team. The findings also allow us to look ahead to the start of the UEFA Women’s Nations League in September with a lot of positivity as we prepare to host Belgium, the Netherlands and England at Hampden Park.

Shirley MartinThe Scottish Football Association's Head of Girls' and Women's Football


Hampden Nights: 2023 SWNT Fan Engagement Findings


Scottish Football Association (SFA)


Academy of Sport (AoS)