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Academy of Sport co-host Sports Diplomacy Symposia

Academy of Sport (AoS) partners with Australian government and the British Council to host Sports Diplomacy Symposia in Edinburgh, March 2023.


Sport Diplomacy Symposium March 2023

On Friday 10th of March, the Academy of Sport (AoS) jointly hosted the second Australian and UK Government bilateral sports diplomacy symposia in the John Macintyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh. Professor Grant Jarvie welcomed and concluded the event with some of our Postgraduate (PG) students in attendance. PG student Haylie Wright, studying MSc in International Development, attended and shared some words about the event:

"What an amazing experience to hear from world leaders on using sport to improve lives not only in Australia and the UK but across the world. What was equally impactful was that in a room full of international "giants", we students were treated with incredible respect and kindness. This no doubt

Sport Diplomacy Symposium March 2023

speaks to the culture cultivated by sports diplomacy and development, where equality, inclusion, and opportunity are truly at the forefront.

Thanks for letting us be a part of it all!"

This symposium planned a 12-month joint Australian and UK Government sports diplomacy and development research and knowledge exchange programme funded by the two governments.

Both the British Council and Australian Government referred to the AoS as: 'the leading international think tank serving sport in the world today'. Read more about the Academy of Sport's current research here.