Moray House School of Education and Sport

Introduction to ISPEHS

Established in 1999 (and known formerly as Physical Education Sport & Leisure Studies), the Institute for Sport, Physical Education & Health Sciences affords considerable breadth in the expertise it offers: in facilitating and researching both physical activity and elite performance and coaching; the delivery and study of physical education across the curriculum; and the study of sport and its profound impact upon society.

Our Institute has both breadth and expertise, the people who can apply knowledge to any number of domains – and demonstrate its impact. We have an emphasis on applied practice, encouraging our students to implement theoretical knowledge and skills in a real-world setting. 

The complexity of physical activity, sport and physical education in its myriad of guises has never been more relevant – as a means to promote a healthy lifestyle or to acquire and enhance expertise. Moreover, the study of sport and the impact of sport policy upon society continues to provide an important lens through which to view our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.

The Institute addresses all levels of education, and all forms of teaching, research, knowledge exchange and professional learning. The Institute is proud to be located within the Moray House School of Education and Sport – but our reach is global. There are significant global challenges which our Institute seeks to address, and sport and physical activity have a unique way of bringing people together and acting as a fulcrum for change. Finally, we have sought and seek to maintain a caring and inclusive learning environment where collectively we strive to achieve excellence – in all its guises.