Moray House School of Education and Sport

Introduction to ILE

Established in 2020, the Institute for Language Education (ILE) challenges ways of thinking about languages, literacies and interculturality by interpreting language education as critical transformative praxis that enables educators to bring about social change to educational institutions across the world.

HELLO in many languages word bubble

The Institute maintains a portfolio of cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in a broad range of areas. These include language learning and teaching (L1, L2, heritage, community, English and world languages); multilingual education (EAL, CLIL, bilingual education, TESOL, SLA); language policy and practices; intercultural communication and internationalisation, pluriliteracies and discourses (for language and subject learning); teacher education (student, teacher, teacher-educator identities); technology-enhanced learning. Our research embraces a host of new and challenging questions about ethics, power and politics, delineating a path for continued inquiry into the radical liberatory possibilities of language education.

The Institute houses large-scale Masters’ programmes in TESOL, Language Education and Intercultural Communication, as well as contributing language education perspectives across the School at undergraduate, Initial Teacher Education, Masters and Doctoral levels. All our programmes make central the voices and experiences of those who have historically existed at the margins of society, through the use of counter-hegemonic methods of teaching and learning that democratise relations of power and privilege in contemporary educational settings. Our staff are committed to providing world-class, research-informed interdisciplinary education to all students.

Our Institute is closely aligned with the  Language(s), Interculturality and Literacies  Thematic Research Hub.

Language(s), Interculturality and Literacies Thematic Research Hub