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We have a rich and diverse PhD community covering a range of topics. Supervision can involve staff from other Schools within the University of Edinburgh and external organisations.


If you are interested in PhD study please contact individual staff members and visit our School of Education 'Postgraduate Research degrees' page.

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Current (Working titles)

  • 2020 – Jack Reed – The influence of Mobile Devices and Social Media on the Transfer of Learning in Residential Outdoor Experiences. (funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, with in-kind support from Outward Bound)
  • 2020 – Luke Addison - Bringing children's voices to the fore in 'Learning for Sustainability'
  • 2018 – Lewis StockwellWhat might be educational about canoe journeying? The case for natural aesthetics
  • 2018 – Christian Hanser - A classroom beyond walls: Investigating student teachers’ negotiations of meaning when applying transformative pedagogies through a mobile tiny house as experimental classroom
  • 2017 – Suzy Paulus - Exploring place-based outdoor education in the context of transmigration realities
  • 2017 – Chris Mackie - Valuing our natural heritage: the impact of nature on those who work in and for nature (The Magnus Magnusson Scottish Natural Heritage PhD Studentship)
  • 2016 – Ethan Lewis - Community gardening and connection to nature
  • 2016 – Sharon Boyd - Fostering student-community engagement activities at distance – the role of the University as change-agent.
  • 2015 – Louise Hawxwell - Self study - beliefs and practices shaping outdoor learning
  • 2014 – John Pierce - A Longitudinal Case Study into the Practices and Processes of Outdoor Centres in Ireland
  • 2013 – Douglas Britton - Is this an emergency?” Examining “emergency” in the context of school expeditions. Examining “emergency” as a social act