Outdoor and Environmental Education

Cairngorm Canoeing

This is a multi-faceted course that emphasises an introduction to and increasing familiarity and experience in canoes in a range of water environments. Students will gain the skills to direct their canoe. They will also learn about water hazards, river crossings and introductory rescue techniques.


The canoe, in its various forms, was probably the earliest form of transportation invented. It still offers an appropriate means of reaching remote and inaccessible areas for recreational and aesthetic purposes, while having minimal impact on that environment.

The canoe and the skills of safe and efficient group management allow outdoor leaders and participants to experience and enjoy the rivers, lochs and related landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

The course usually takes place early in the academic year and is an excellent opportunity for students to get to know each other and the staff. The combination of the river itself and the staff knowledge, skills and commitment to outdoor and environmental education make this a remarkable and truly memorable journey.