Outdoor and Environmental Education

Postgraduate programmes

The Outdoor and Environmental Education unit of Moray House School of Education is a world class institution dedicated to the research, teaching, and promotion of outdoor, environmental, and sustainability education. If you are interested in these topics, we encourage you to look into the various programmes that we have to offer. While overlapping, each have a specific focus.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education programmes are geared towards those interested in adventure education, expeditions, personal and social development through outdoor experiences, and environmental education.

Outdoor Environment and Sustainability Education

Our Outdoor and Environmental Sustainability programmes focus on environmental and sustainability education, particularly in the informal and nonformal sector. They are intended for people working, or seeking work in environmental education centres, interpretive centres, development organizations, environmental nongovernmental or nonprofit organizations, environment-related government work, and as park rangers. Certificate, Diploma, and Master’s Programmes are available.

Learning for Sustainability

Our Learning for Sustainability programmes seek to develop the competency and capacity for educators to integrate sustainability into their curricula and/or lesson plans. These programmes emphasise practitioner research and support integrating classroom theory with practical applications in schools and other educational settings. The programme has a part-time evening and weekend delivery option for teachers and other employed educators. Certificate, Diploma, and Master’s Programmes are available.

Degree programme structure

The descriptions below explain the different exit points further for postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, and MSc courses.

PhD opportunities

PhD by Research

Elective in Outdoor Learning

Information on our elective in outdoor learning.