Moray House School of Education and Sport

Introduction to IETL

Our Institute for Education, Teaching and Leadership (IETL) addresses all levels of education, and all forms of teaching, research, knowledge exchange and professional learning to inform and enhance teacher education, educational policy and educational leadership mentoring and management.

In particular, it has expertise and professional impact in the changing role of teachers and leaders in a contemporary world; in learning for sustainability; in outdoor learning; in widening participation; in digital literacies in areas of curriculum development like STEM and STEAM education; in the Scottish Traveller Education Programme (STEP); in communication, Access, Literacies and Learning (CALL) and through its Scottish Sensory Centre, specifically on visual impairment.

Established in 2010, the Institute for Education Teaching and Leadership (IETL) celebrates and examines the diversity that characterizes a variety of educational settings in the 21st century.  The perceived homogeneity of the past has been challenged by global trends that acknowledge the increasingly complex and interconnected world in which we live.  Such trends allow us to explore how histories, geographies, inclusion, exclusion and marginalization, in a variety of contexts, impact on the ways in which teacher development is conceptualized across all sectors of education.

In order to address tomorrow’s greatest challenges, the Institute for Education, Teaching and Leadership draws on a values-led approach to teaching, research and innovation, through the strength of the relationships with our partners, both locally and globally.  IETL develops, delivers and disseminates programmes and projects from initial teacher education courses through to Masters and Doctoral levels.