Moray House School of Education and Sport

Yoko Fujimoto, MSc TESOL

"This study will help me with lesson planning, teaching, lesson goal setting with theoretical knowledge to support my decisions for language education."

Yoko Fujimoto

Where are you from?


What were you doing before you started your degree with us? 

I had been working at a public senior high school in Japan and teaching English as a foreign language.

Why did you want to study with us?

The University of Edinburgh has its fame in the department of Linguistics worldwide. I was interested in the University and the town itself where Dolly the sheep was born and sleeps, and such traditional but innovative culture attracted me.

Why did you choose this programme?

I chose to study here because of the theoretical course structure. I wanted to learn more about teaching especially from theoretical perspectives because I have already had teaching experience.

What is the best thing about your programme? 

We have more option courses in Semester 2, which allows us to enrich our understanding of the area we are especially interested in. We can listen to the lectures by the guest speakers who are specialists in their field about CLIL methodology, testing, and so forth.

What has been challenging about taking a degree in 2020-21? How have you overcome those challenges? 

In Semester 1, I felt so stressed while catching up with all the coursework alone. Due to Covid-19, one major challenge was that I had less chance to see my classmates and teachers in person, in the classrooms, or between classes where all the chats emerge for knowing and motivating each other. I missed hearing their voices even though we were able to discuss with them in workshops. In addition, everyone including teachers struggled with handling technology at the very beginning of the academic year.

What are you enjoying most about your studies?

When I was teaching at a school, I had wanted a little time away from work to study and think about teaching and learning. Now I enjoy my student life with books, classmates, and teachers with whom I can share my knowledge and thoughts.

How will this programme help with your career prospects?

This study will help me with lesson planning, teaching, lesson goal setting with theoretical knowledge to support my decisions for language education. Also, the research skills I have gained through this programme could help my further study in the future.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying with us?

The MSc TESOL programme at Moray House provides you with profound knowledge and tools that you may need in your career. In this programme, you will be able to focus on more theoretical viewpoints than teaching practicum within classes, but you will also have the chance to learn how to teach outside of the course. (I hope no more lockdown for the class of 2021-2022.)

How would you describe your experience in three words?

Learn As Life