Graduate School of Education and Sport

Programme aims and goals

What you can expect from this Masters in Social Justice and Community Action.

The goal of this programme is to challenge and support you to connect ideas of liberty, equality, citizenship and democracy to real world practice contexts in grassroots activism, public policy development and implementation and organisational management.

The core content of the programme will draw on perspectives from critical education, politics, social policy and sociology.

The digital medium of this fully online programme is a key tool to facilitate flexible, high quality, critical and collaborative learning environments.


  1. Engage students with the foundational and contemporary debates and dilemmas regarding social justice, equality, democracy and citizenship in global and local contexts.
  2. Equip students with applied skills and knowledge in order to relate and connect social justice theories to real world challenges and dilemmas.
  3. Enable students to synthesise and critically evaluate research, policy and practice evidence and claims regarding social (in)justice.
  4. Provide students with research and inquiry skills to critically investigate issues related to social justice, equality, democracy, citizenship and political activism.


MSc Social Justice and Community Action Hub

MSc Social Justice and Community Action Hub