Moray House School of Education and Sport

Career opportunities

This programme is ideally suited for those interested in working in sport psychology and in other related areas such as occupational/business psychology, executive coaching, team building, outdoor management and adventurous training.

The demand for sport psychology services in the UK has increased exponentially since the 1990s and the number of individuals accredited as sports psychologists by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) doubled in one five year period during this time.

In the same time period, the Sport and Exercise Division of the British Psychological Society (BPS) was created and is now recognized by BPS as a distinct professional area with identifiable training and qualification requirements.

Whilst these events reflect the emergence of an organised new profession there has also been a growth in demand for other psychological related services such as occupational/business psychology, executive coaching, team building, outdoor management and adventurous training. Public understanding about psychology and the way in which this specialist knowledge can be effectively applied to enhance performance is a significant factor in this change.

Programme staff are actively engaged in consulting with high-level sport performers up to Olympic and World standard. In addition, they are able to draw on experiences of applying psychology to business, performing arts, military and outdoor education settings. Staff hold academic as well as professional qualifications with one or both of the recognised professional bodies for psychologists.

Career outcomes

Job destinations of recent graduates include:

  • private consultancy in sports, business, music/performing arts
  • management and technical roles in sporting bodies
  • sports psychology practice in Sport Institute (public funded)
  • lifestyle management in Sports Institute
  • military and training agencies (eg primary medical care)
  • research (PhD in sports and business/management fields)
  • further professional training e.g. for Clinical or Educational psychology
  • initial jobs in business to develop into Human Resource role
  • teaching / Lecturing (Higher & Tertiary education)

Our graduates have gone on to employment with Universities across the UK and internationally. Other are employed with the MOD, Emirates Airlines, and leading Performance Enhancement Consultancies in the UK and the US.

Careers Service

The University of Edinburgh's Careers Service supports all current students (and graduates for up to 2 years) to develop their potential and achieve satisfying and rewarding futures.  This is done through individual appointments, group sessions and wider campus-based activity, alongside online services and resources.  A diverse programme of face-to-face and online events is delivered throughout the academic year.  

Suzanne Agnew

Careers Consultant, Moray House

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