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Students from all of the world join our MSc Education and go onto pursue a broad range of activities after they graduate. Find out what our students enjoy about the programme and the skills they learn.

Vanessa, MSc Education (Early Childhood Practice and Froebel)

Video: Hear from Vanessa, Education student at Moray House.
Vanessa, an Education student from Moray House shares an insight into the programme.

Marifatul Amalia , MSc Education (Research - ESRC) 2022

'The most useful thing I learned is to always challenge my own assumptions and be critical towards something that we usually take for granted in life. While this seems to be ‘obvious’, the lectures, workshops, and tutorial sessions here are designed so that students have to step back and think critically about the issues before formulating an argument.'

Yangyi Zhou, MSc Education (Philosophy of Education) 2020

'The most memorable reflection on my academic learning was to identify a research paradigm in the first class of the Sources of Knowledge course. This is a new shift for me to realise the different paradigms and underpinned values and assumptions.'

Cui Xiao, MSc Education 2013

'As one of the best universities in the world, the teachers of this programme are knowledgeable and conscientious and sufficiently provide support and instruction to students. The study facilities and resources like books, labs, on-line journals are brilliant and can definitely meet your demands.'

Dina Kokina, MSc Education 2011

'This programme offers a good range of optional courses, pay great attention to them and do not be afraid to try something new, even something quite opposite to your core modules - you will be pleasantly surprised!'

Heidi Benjaminson, MSc Education 2011

'Being able to tailor almost all my classes to my specific field. Every single class I took could be moulded to fit around my interests, so I got what I was seeking.  The flexibility to converge my area of interest with the topic of the class was, by far, the best thing about my degree.'

Choosing the Philosophy of Education pathway was perfect for me. As someone who had worked as a teacher for over a decade, I wanted to step back from my practice and engage with the fundamental questions about the meaning and purpose of education; and the pathway offered plenty of opportunities to do so. In doing so, it was also really helpful in making sense of the fundamental issues that underpinned the other courses on the MSc. It also helped me land my dream job!

Paul Moore-Bridger, MSc Education (Philosophy of Education) 2018