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Our Language Education students

Our MSc Language Education community of students come from all over the world. Read what some of our graduates have said about this programme.

The Language Education programme welcomes on average around 100 students a year. Students come from all over the world and in the previous year, we had students from a number of countries including Greece, China, Italy, Taiwan, the UK, Japan and Turkey.

Chih-Shan Chuang, MSc Language Education 2022

'The degree certainly made me a more professional teacher who can effectively apply teaching strategies in the classroom and create a safe zone for students from diverse backgrounds.'

Xiaohuan Hao, MSc Language Education 2022

'Many courses in language teaching are integrated with sociological theory. This has enabled me to think about students, education and society on a broader level.'

Daniel Rocha, MSc Language Education 2022

'The workshop discussions were great, very helpful and quite engaging. The discussions were one of my favourite parts since through so many culturally different perspectives there was so much to learn and share.'

Keise Sano, MSc Language Education 2022

'I studied multilingualism (or plurilingualism), which is a totally different way of thinking with regards to language education than those prevalent in my country. It emancipated me from the ideology of native-speaker beliefs, which make some feel that they need to speak like 'native speakers', but also makes language learning difficult.'

Georgie Thorman, MSc Language Education 2022

'The broad nature of the programme really appealed to me - the fact that it was 'language education' not 'teaching English', meant that it would leave doors open to potentially teaching [another language] in the future.'

Sakino Kelbie, MSc Language Education 2020

Video: Sakino Kelbie
Sakino Kelbie talks about her experience of studying language education at Moray House School of Education and Sport.

NB Sakino graduated from the MSc Language Teaching, the predecessor to the MSc Language Education